Listerine Bright White Mouthwash - review


I don't think I've reviewed a mouthwash before on this blog, but this one was sent to me for testing and I liked it so much that I wanted to share the news.

Why did I like it? Because believe it or not, it works. I've tried so many products that claim to whiten my teeth before and have done nothing for me, so it's nice to find one that does what it says it will do.

Let's have a look.

Listerine claims/product details:

  • Gives you 2 x more whitening than brushing alone after two weeks
  • With a unique whitening formulation containing lemon and salt
  • Helps lift stains from teeth
  • Helps form a protective shield against stains
  • Helps keep teeth white for longer
  • Non abrasive whitening with fluoride to help strengthen teeth
  • RRP $8.70 AUD for 500ml, but do shop around


This is an excellent mouthwash, and I was very surprised to discover that it works.

That is, it whitens your teeth with daily use and it manages to do this within two weeks. As mentioned above, I'm so used to teeth-whitening products (like toothpaste and mouthwash) not living up to their claims, that it was a pleasure to find one that does.

The first thing I noticed about this product is that it's potent. It kind of feels like it's burning the germs off the inside of your mouth, and while mostly I like that sensation, I must admit that occasionally it's a little too much so I need to spit it out early (sorry for that detail ; )).

I don't mind the lemon/salt taste and it's not super strong so it's not offensive for me personally.

After two weeks' use, my mouth feels super clean and my teeth indeed look whiter. Hooray! I find it much easier to incorporate a mouthwash into my daily routine than I do performing at-home whitening treatments (I have two toddlers so I'm always strapped for time), meaning that something like this suits me perfectly.

Worth noting is that I asked my husband to test this with me because he uses a lot more mouthwash than I do so he has more products to compare it to. He really likes it. He reckons it's not too full-on/abrasive on your mouth like some mouthwashes can be, but it's also not so gentle that it's ineffective. We would both buy it again.

Overall I reckon this is an excellent product that generally meets its claims and I'll be repurchasing it.

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