Pan that Palette 2018: mini update (May)


Hello and welcome to a mini update for Pan that Palette 2018.

I wanted to jump online quickly today to let you know that I'm moving the above Clarins bronzer out of circulation. Why? Because it's developed hard-pan and I can no longer use it, even if I scrape the surface off. That hard-pan just keeps on coming.

So there goes that.

There's another shot, enhanced for clarity:

Now I should say that I've been panning this bronzer since last year and it was developing hard-pan from the very beginning, so I'm not surprised that the situation has become worse now that it's been re-pressed a couple of times. Also, it was a dry formula to start with but it's become even drier now that it's been re-pressed (note the cracks in the product above), so it's gotten to the point where it's cracking itself into oblivion, even if I don't touch it.

Indeed, I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to make this bronzer work, and I've finally realised that I can't: that's why I'm removing it from my custom palette and throwing the original packaging into my empties bin.

Also note that the bronzer initially contained 20g of product and it was in a larger pan, but I re-pressed it into this old pan from theBalm a while ago, and the above pan holds 7g of product - a good deal of which I've used - so let's say that I've got around 5g left of the original 20g. I'm happy with that. It's time for it to go.

Here's what I'm replacing it with:

These four pans come from a little Doucce quad that I received from Maslow & Co last year. I've decided to include them in Pan that Palette for a few reasons:

First, they fit perfectly in the spot where the Clarins bronzer previously was (as good a reason as any, in my books: I didn't feel like playing palette Tetris today!).

Second, while I like the mattes, the shimmers are rubbish and I'd like to finish them.

Third, I'd been keeping these in a different custom palette until now and I wanted to remove them because they're bloody annoying pans: they're raised and contained in plastic 'cups' that don't fit well in standard custom palettes because they're too high; they look weird in custom palettes among other shadows because they're so high; and the magnets also repel each other so it's hard to get them in straight lines unless they're really wedged in (as they are now), which doesn't make for a good-looking palette. And if a palette doesn't look good, then I'm less likely to use it.

Fourth, I didn't have a cream-coloured shadow in my custom palette before. I do now.

There are the four shadows again, enhanced for clarity:

That's my mini update. Given that I've spent the last two weeks tearing my hair out with my now-unusable Clarins bronzer, I didn't want to waste any more time so I preferred to switch it out before my May update in two weeks' time. 

This will also give me some time to work on these Doucce shadows before then, so I can hopefully make a start on them prior to May's update.

As for how far I'll get with these shadows this year, I suspect not very far. I may be able to finish the cream shadow, but I reckon the others will still be here next year. We'll see. I do need to review the Doucce formula at some point, so stay tuned for that if you're interested.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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