BioElixia Body Shaper, stretch mark diminishing crème - review


We received this from Lust Have It a while back and I wanted to give it a good go before I reviewed it here.

As you may know, I'm inherently suspect of anything that claims to address things like stretchmarks, since they're largely genetic and there's not much you can do about them unfortunately. 

Despite many of us knowing this, we still fall for various outrageous claims from companies that'll say anything to get our precious pennies!

BioElixia claims/product details:
  • Reduces the visibility of stretchmarks by smoothing out their appearance and fading discolouration, by an average of 46%* after 4 weeks of use, and 87%* after 8 weeks of use (Independent 2013 Consumer Study, USA: statistically significant results from scientifically validated photogrammetric analysis of 10 women at 28 days and 56 days) 
  • This powerful stretchmark treatment delivers more key ingredients to where they are needed most with our world-patented TPM®Dermal Delivery Technology 
  • Results in smoother-looking and less visible stretchmarks, so you can feel comfortable in your own skin 
  • Sensitivity and dermatologically tested 
  • To use: twice daily, massage a small amount into areas of concern using a light, circular motion 
  • RRP $39 for 125ml 
  • Shelf-life after opening: six months 
  • Available from eg the BioElixia website, but do shop around


Of all the dedicated stretchmark creams I've tried, this one comes closest in terms of tricking me into believing that it's having some impact. It's not, although the twice-daily massaging that the product application calls for might be doing something (helping circulation/blood flow tends to be good for your skin).

What's genius about this cream is that they've made it look and feel 'scientific', so we're more likely to believe that this product's claims have legs. Also, the smell and feel of it is - to me - almost medicinal in nature, so this further implants the idea that this product is working.

Plus we always like hearing about clinical trials and the success of those, notwithstanding that this one contained only ten (!) participants. One wonders how the candidates were selected: is it possible that not all stretchmarks are created equal, and some can appear slightly different given the right conditions? Who knows.

At the end of the day, the trial area I've been using for this product over two months looks exactly the same. I've even had hubby on board this trial, to see if he's noticed any change. He hasn't. While there are certainly some days where my stretchmarks appear less pronounced than others, this seems more related to other factors like how tanned I am, whether I'm hot/bloated etc etc.

Maybe I'm a cynic and/or maybe these kinds of creams just don't work on me, but I can honestly say that the only products which have ever had any impact on things like scars and stretchmarks tend to be heavy-duty, natural oils that do wonders in terms of how your skin looks and feels overall, and contain things like vitamins that can be absorbed (at least somewhat) to aid the skin's natural healing and regeneration processes.

Maybe that's just me, but I won't be rushing out to buy this cream.

Have you used this product - and if so, what did you think? Or have you used anything else that has helped with things like scars and stretchmarks? I'd love to hear : )

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