ddung Family Peeling Gel - review


Well, we have a new contender for the worst product I've ever used.

I received this (delightfully mature-looking) product in Memebox Special #59 Scrub 2, and it's not only the worst product in the box, it's also the worst one I've received from Memebox (along with that rubbish Cheek Room dual-toned lipgloss) and quite possibly the worst product I've come across full stop.

Oh dear. Makes me angry just looking at the photo!

ddung claims/product details:
  • A facial peeling gel that's enriched with aloe vera leaf, grapefruit, centella asiatica and chamomile extracts for soothing and smoothing out the skin
  • Aims to exfoliate away excess sebum, impurities and dead skin cells to reveal clearer, brighter and silkier skin
  • To use: gently massage over your clean face, rolling away dead skin cells and dry patches with your hands; rinse off with lukewarm water
  • RRP $18 for 120ml


Look, if you call your company 'ddung' and create products for adults packaged up like something designed for two-year-olds - and give them nonsensical names like 'Family Peeling Gel' (is this meant for the whole family, the baby too?) - then you're not off to a good start.

But I kept an open mind with this because I've been pleasantly surprised before, but all that surprised me about this was just how bad it was.

What can I say? It's a very very strange item: it squeezes out like a gel, then when you apply it to your face it kind of turns into a weird, hard jelly texture, then it pills - leaving little bits on your face (like dead, peeling skin) that are sticky and incredibly hard to remove. So hard to remove that, for the few times I trialled this on my face before banishing it to the shower to use as a body wash, I couldn't scrub the dregs off for the life of me and still felt them when I got to applying my makeup - even after double cleansing and toning and hacking at my face with a towel.

On top of that, it achieves absolutely zilch. The 'dead skin cells and dry patches' that this product claims to remove are in fact put there by the product itself. Did ddung think we couldn't distinguish between actual dead skin/dry patches and the little sticky bits this product plasters all over your face? If you want to give yourself a face that appears to have dead skin and dry patches everywhere, then by all means, use this.

My golly. What rubbish. Avoid!

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