Revlon Age Defying CC Cream in 030 Medium - review


As you may know I'm a total CC cream junkie because I love anything that gives me a barely there, dewy coverage and includes a decent dose of sunscreen - and CC creams generally do those things.

I bought this product a while ago at fifty per cent off (thanks Priceline) and then received a second one in the Summer Edit of Marie Claire's The Parcel. Fortunately I like the product, so no complaints there!

Revlon claims/product details:
  • A powerhouse against the first signs of ageing
  • Multi-benefit dynamo hydrates, smooths, evens tone, diminishes the look of fine lines and dark spots, and protects against premature ageing caused by the sun
  • For perfected skin that glows
  • Skintone is brighter and more even 
  • Hyperpigmentation appears diminished
  • Available in four shades
  • Shelf-life: 24 months after opening
  • RRP $26.95 for 30ml, but do shop around

Unblended wrist swatch above and blended out below. It's a good, medium colour that doesn't pull pink or yellow (at least on me) and it's sheer enough that I reckon most people could find a reasonable match, even though only four shades are available.

As you can see below it's a little greasy (that'll be the sunscreen), but I personally don't mind that and it's easily fixed with some powder.

There's my clean face:

And with the product on below. I'd prefer it to be a little darker at this time of year, but it's not a bad match and since I chuck my Bodyography powder over the top anyway, I can  darken things up a bit.

I'm giving you a forehead swatch (in direct sunlight) below because that's where I tend to get product sitting in my pores (around the hairline) and this product is one of the very few I've come across that doesn't do that. YAY. You can also see that it's on the shiny side, so do be aware of that.


This is really awesome. Yes it lives up to its claims and it's one I'm happy to use on a daily basis and not get sick of - particularly because I can chuck a different powder (or even a different liquid) foundation over the top to get a little more coverage.

The best pharmacy CC cream I've used is probably still Maxfactor's version because it gives a little more coverage while still looking like my-skin-but-better and doesn't need a powder. BUT it only has an SPF of 10 so it loses points on that front.

This Revlon version lasts well enough but I always reapply it a second time after lunch since you should do that with sunscreen anyway (and because it's so sheer, you can apply enough of it to get the benefit of the sun protection).

Interestingly, Paula's Choice gives this product its best rating and I can see why. It's definitely a product I can see myself repurchasing in future.

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