LadyKin Close Up Decuple Shimmering Primer - review


I received this in Memebox Special #73 F/W Natural Makeup, and I've decided to review various primers over the next week or so and compare them so I can let you know my favourites.

My first thought about this primer was that it was a highly suspect product, considering the box's theme. It does indeed have noticeable glitter bits in it - so why would I want that if I'd ordered a 'natural makeup' box? I mean really.

But I've given it a fair trial and here's what I think.

* Unblended hand swatch taken outside in direct sunlight. 
You can see the glitter bits in there, but they're finely milled and not too noticeable.

LadyKin claims/product details:
  • Suitable for all skintones 
  • Aims to prep and smooth uneven skin texture before applying base makeup
  • Leaves skin feeling supple, soft and non-oily, with a sheer hint of shimmering pearls
  • Shelf-life: 12 months after opening
  • RRP $12US for 30ml
  • Available here for $10.90AUD, but do shop around

* Blended hand swatch taken outside in direct sunlight. 
Again, this isn't bad at all in terms of my dislike of noticeable glitter on my skin - and I'll definitely use it prior to my BB/CC cream for that whole 'lit from within' look.


I trialled this for a couple of weeks and can now comment on it properly - I tried it with different foundations and in different weather conditions etc.

Fortunately, the shimmer isn't too noticeable and so it's a product I'll definitely use, since I do mix illuminator in with my primer anyway.

Not sure I'd wear it on its own (as I would eg MAC's Strobe Cream - which doesn't have glitter but provides a sheen - review coming soon), but let's see.

It has a pleasant smell and is quite rich/moisturising, and I'm enjoying using it. I'm not sure it's the best primer in terms of making your makeup last longer and performing skin-perfecting functions (eg like reducing the appearance of pores and fine lines), but I'd say that about most primers I've tried anyway.

I'm glad to have received this product and I'll use it, although I still don't think it belonged in the box.

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