Manicare Nail Polish Remover Pads - review


Yesterday I posted on the not-very-good Sally Hansen acetone-free remover; today I thought I'd post on this excellent product.

If I were into nail polish (which I'm not, purely because it's a lot of effort for something that chips after two seconds on me), then these would be my HG of nail products without question.

I would likely never have known about them if I hadn't managed to score one of those Priceline baggies last year that you can sometimes get when you spend a certain amount on particular brands. These little gems were inside the baggie, and they're definitely the stand-out item from the bunch and one I'll likely buy again and again.

Manicare claims/product details:
  • Gives nails a moisturising and scented alternative to nail polish remover
  • Formulated to remove all traces of nail polish without the strong smell of regular nail polish removers 
  • Nail brightening formula moisturises and nourishes nails using vitamin e
  • Acetone free
  • Just one pad removes the polish from all ten nails
  • Enriched with aloe vera and berry oil that conditions the nail while removing polish, even the dark, hard-to-remove colours 
  • Ideal for purse or travelling 
  • Available in coconut and floral scents
  • RRP $4.95 for 32 pads, but do shop around


Nail polish remover that travels well, doesn't smell horrendous and does the job brilliantly? GENIUS.

OMG these are so good. I find that I only need one to remove the polish from all ten nails (so that claim is true), and I've even managed to use one pad for twenty nails before when I'd used a paler, thinner colour on both my hands and feet.

They're strongly scented but the smell certainly beats your regular polish remover, and the pads are very thin. You'll be surprised by how much mileage you can get from such a tiny bit of cloth (I certainly was).

They do leave behind an oily residue, which I don't mind because it feels moisturising (so there's another claim met as well). I do prefer washing that residue off before re-painting my nails, however - just in case it interferes with the polish.

Such a good product to chuck in your purse or travel bag! I can't recommend these enough - particularly if you're lazy like me and want to keep fuss to an absolute minimum. I'm also loving that you don't need to go through a bundle of makeup remover pads (which I go through all too quickly as it is) when you use these too: all you need is one tiny pad and you're done!

Yay. I'll definitely be buying these in future.

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