'Tini Beauty Eyetini Swizzle Stick Eyeliner in Cognac - review and swatches


I received this product in the November 2014 Violet Box. I was pretty excited about it for a few reasons: it just looks like a good product and I like the packaging; it's brown and I prefer brown eyeliner to eg black because it looks more natural; and I hadn't heard of the brand.

It's also a twist-stick product that doesn't require sharpening, which is a huge plus for me because I'm lazy.

Unfortunately that's where the good stuff ends: it's a terrible eyeliner that doesn't stay put, so it was banished straight to the brow pencil heap and I'm using it for my Project Pan 2015 challenge because there's not much of it so I'll finish it pretty quickly and that will (hopefully) help me stay motivated.

'Tini Beauty claims/product details:
  • Soft bronze colour
  • Smooth-glide, transfer-resistant formula 
  • No smudging and fading
  • Will never need sharpening
  • RRP $23 for 0.25g

There's the colour above. I like it.

And here's what happens when you let it 'dry' and then give it a light, single wipe with your finger after giving it plenty of time to set.

My golly! I haven't seen an eyeliner perform that badly for a while. The same thing happens on your eye of course - it lasts two seconds and transfers everywhere, so you have to wipe it off from your eye area and reach for a different liner (!).


Obviously I don't like this product.

I really don't need to say anything about it other than that it's one of the worst eyeliners I've used in terms of how quickly it rubs off (immediately). Not only this, it broke after a few uses - so there's another question mark over quality.

Since staying power is probably the most important thing when it comes to eyeliner, I'd strike this off the list straight away!


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