Dr MJ Real Mucin Restore Sunscreen SPF45 PA+++ - review


I received this facial sunscreen in Memebox Global #17, and it's a product that my skin is very happy with.

A lot of people aren't thrilled by receiving sunscreens in boxes, and while I totally understand that (it's kind of like receiving socks at Christmas), sunscreen is the number one staple in my beauty routine and I'm always needing more of it. Plus I'm happy to receive a fancy pantsy facial sunscreen, since I haven't used many of those in my time - I've always just bought whatever's on special in the supermarket.

Anyhoo! On to the product.

(And I'll just say now that I'm going to pretend this cream doesn't contain snail mucus. Erk. Erased from mind. Moving on.)

As usual there's not a lot of (English) info online about this product, so I'm restricted to what Memebox said about it on the product card that came with the box.

Dr MJ claims/product details:
  • Works to hydrate, protect and balance out skintone
  • Snail secretion filtrate sunscreen for restoration
  • Mild and gentle
  • Smoothly coats a thin layer of nourishing snail secretion formula over your skin
  • RRP $41 for 50g


This product is very much a sunscreen - it smells strongly of one, feels like one on your skin (and leaves a greasy residue), and it can leave you looking a bit whiter, so go easy on the application and give it a good rub so it absorbs.

None of those comments are criticisms, just comments. I love a good facial sunscreen and this is definitely one of those. While it is a little greasy, it's certainly not the worst I've used in that sense, and it absorbs much better than many other heavy-duty sunscreens I've tried.

You can also tell that it's better quality than most, plus it doesn't clog my pores so I haven't been getting any sunscreen-induced blemishes, as I normally might from putting sunscreen on my face a couple of times a day.

I've been using it over powder foundation (which dries my skin out) to re-establish some balance and give me a more dewy, plumped look. It's rare that I've got a decent facial sunscreen to use, so I'm enjoying this while it lasts. Very happy with this inclusion in the box - yes it's boring, but it's probably the best item from the box for me and the one I'll get the most use from.

Ticks! I wouldn't buy it though. $41USD for a sunscreen?! No thanks.

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