Secret Nature Volcanic Ash Pore Pack - review


I received this in Memebox Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics, and it's ended up being my favourite product from the box - which is saying something, because it was a great box overall and easily one of the best I've received from Memebox.

I have to say, I haven't had the best experience with Memebox products: there are maybe five items I've used so far (out of ten boxes) that I really like, and this is one of them. 

If it weren't for products like this one, I'd be annoyed with myself that I ordered so many boxes before a few actually arrived to see whether they were any good (!). A common problem with Memebox, I've heard: because you order most boxes ahead, many of us buy too many and then find we have far too much stuff when they get here.

Secret Nature claims/product details:
  • Enriched with organic Jeju complex and mineral rich volcanic ash, charcoal, green tea and pine needle extracts
  • Aims to control excess sebum and tighten enlarged pores
  • Free of parabens, artificial fragrances and artificial colouring
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • To use: apply after toning and leave on for 10-15 minutes
  • RRP $36 for 100g


I'm loving this - it's one of the best clay masks I've ever used.

It goes on smoothly and smells good: even the smell makes you feel like it's doing good to your skin. Like any clay mask, it dries after application and can feel a little drying/tightening in the process, so you'll need to slather on the moisturiser afterwards. But the drying/tightening is comfortable enough and your skin thanks you for it in the end.

The texture is wonderful and the after-effect is noticeable: my skin looks brighter and more plumped after use, and it feels smoother too. This makes it a great mask to use before makeup application, because it helps create a good canvas. I've used it a few times before going out and have been glad that I did.

While it's not as good as my HG mask from Cellilux (nothing I've found is), it's still a great mask and I definitely recommend it. I wouldn't buy it - purely because I have enough masks in stock and it's not easy to come by in Australia - but if another one fell in my lap, I'd be pretty happy.

Ticks from me!

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