Tonymoly Gold Black Sugar Mask - review


I received this product in Memebox Special #59 Scrub 2 and, so far, it's my favourite item in the box.

Indeed, I could tell as soon as I opened it that I'd probably like it: it looks so thick and buttery and rich - like something you want to heat up and put on your sticky date pudding - and it smells wonderful too. Just like molten brown sugar. Yummo.

Tonymoly claims/product details:
  • An effective facial exfoliator that's formulated with nutrients from black sugar, gold and honey extracts
  • Aims to remove excessive dead skin cells, oil and skin impurities piled up in the pores
  • For occasional use
  • Application: spread evenly over your wet face after cleansing and gently massage into the skin; rinse off after 10-15 mins
  • RRP $7 for 100ml


Ermaaahgawd I'm loving this product! It's up there in the top five items I've received from Memebox (ten boxes in all).

It's a mass of brown sugary goodness and it scrubs exceptionally well: it might be too harsh for some because it's super grainy and can feel a little scratchy if you're not careful, but I love a full-on scrub and this product is indeed that.

My skin's loving it too - it looks brighter and fresher after use and feels nicely clean. For that reason, it's a good one to use before you go out and it gives you a nice, smooth base for makeup.

It also feels like it's doing something for your skin in terms of delivering nutrition and hydration (as the tub claims it does). I don't know if I've just been fooled by the delicious smell and feel of it, but I'm happy to be fooled in this case ; )

Yes, it lives up to its claims. Plus it's fun to use. What's not to love?!

Who says you need to spend a lot on a decent face scrub? At $7 a pop, I would definitely buy this.

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