Evelyn Iona Natural & Organic Lip Gloss in Lise - review and swatches


As a blogger, every now and then you come across a product that just doesn't want to photograph - and for me, this is one of those products.

Normally it's products in white packaging or with light-coloured print that prove to be the most difficult subjects, but for some reason this one has now undergone three different attempts at getting clear photos and even these ones aren't quite right.

But I've made the decision to go ahead and post on this anyway because the swatches are fine and they're the most important thing, plus enough is enough!

Anyhoo. Let's have a look.

This is the second one of these Evelyn Iona glosses I've received in a sub box: the first one was in a colour that didn't show up on me so I ended up passing it on because I didn't need another clear gloss at the time.

This one is in a nice neutral berry colour and I kept it because I liked the shade, plus I was interested in testing the formula since I've enjoyed the other Evelyn Iona products I've tried so far and I was hoping to like this one.

While I did love it to start with, time has proven to be the real test and even though I like how it looks, it's dried my lips out and I'm looking forward to finishing it and trying something else.

Evelyn Iona claims/product details:
  • Evelyn Iona LIPGLOSS is unlike most
  • It isn't sticky-icky but instead creamy and lush, adding a plumpifying coat of goodness to your lips
  • In fact, you could even eat it - made from bark extract (tightens and plumps lips), oregano (works as an antioxidant) vitamin e (natural moisturiser), coconut oil (helps fight signs of ageing) & shea butter (helps heal skin and improve its general appearance) and many other natural ingredients that are hydrating for your lips
  • RRP $21 USD

 There's an outdoors swatch, indirect sunlight:

Indoors, natural light:

Direct sunlight:

My bare lips for reference:

 Wearing the product, indoors (natural light):

Outdoors (natural light):

One more for good measure:


I'm really glad that I'm finally coming to review this gloss because it's been on my list for months now and I've almost finished the tube so it was definitely time to write this post!

It comes in a tube with a standard gloss applicator and it has a sweet vanilla scent that I quite enjoy because it's not overpowering and it smells natural rather than fake.

I agree that it's not a super sticky product so that claim is true, and it does have a plumping effect so it reduces the look of lines and texture, which is something I look for in a gloss so I'm pleased with how it looks on the lips.

The shade 'Lise' is a nice neutral berry pink with shimmer running through it, and it's the kind of gloss that you can wear on its own because it's pigmented enough to add a little natural colour and I can wear it with just about any look.

I don't mind how it feels on the lips but it's a little plastic-y in texture so I'm definitely aware of it when I press my lips together and my biggest issue with the product is that it's not hydrating at all because it sits on top of the lips and doesn't deliver nourishment where I need it. 

Now I do have dry lips so I really notice when products aren't delivering moisture (so others may not have the same issues with this formula that I do), but I've found that even though this makes my lips look hydrated and glossed-up, it completely dries them out and my lips have suffered from using it on a daily basis.

So while I do think this is a nice product and I like how it looks, it's not one I would buy because I like glosses that hydrate my lips enough that I don't need to wear a balm if I don't want to.

I also think that the RRP of $21 USD is quite expensive for a gloss (I hate to think what they'd cost in Australian dollars) and I don't think the product is worth the price tag.

All in all, this product looks nice but it's not moisturising enough for me and although I'll finish my tube, I won't be looking to buy one of these in future.

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