We're back.


Hello all. This is just a really short note to say that we made it home safely from our trip up to Sydney so all is well and hopefully I'll be able to get straight back into my daily blogs from now on.

I did bring a computer up to Sydney with the intention of blogging while I was there, but unfortunately it was one of those trips where computer time was all but impossible and nothing went as expected. Although I did manage two posts while we were there so that's something.

We'd expected the drive up to be tough and indeed it was, but we didn't expect both kids to get sick (they both had night coughs and my daughter was vomiting for a full day and overnight), so we couldn't take part in the wedding we'd gone up specifically for (we were watching it over the balcony in an air-conditioned room where Dad and I kept both kids to look after and keep cool). 

My daughter was also meant to be flower-girl but sadly the ceremony went ahead sans flowers because it wasn't possible for her to be part of it.

Also, my chronic insomnia always plays a role so I didn't get any sleep when we stayed in Albury, the next night I got an hour or so, and on the two nights after it I didn't get any sleep either. Not easy to manage two sick kids under those conditions.

You may also remember that it was super hot last weekend so that factor made both the journey up and our time in Sydney very difficult and especially hard on the kids.

We did consider flying home but I wasn't game to fly with a toddler and baby on my own (my daughter is deep into terrible-twos territory and my son does nothing but eat), so the option of sending my husband home with the car and sending me plus kids back on a plane just wasn't workable.

While the journey up was bad, the journey home was even worse and we had to do it in one day because Mex needed to get back for work. 

If you've driven with young kids before, you'll have some idea of what these journeys can be like - but suffice to say that I don't think I can remember more than a few a single moments of silence on the way back because one of them was always awake and needing my attention. 

There were many stops. But we did the journey in twelve and a half hours (we left at 3.30am), so I think we did well in the end.

Anyhoo. I'm glad we're home but I'm pretending that Mex is not leaving to New Zealand tomorrow and leaving me home alone with the kids for four full days (he arrives back Saturday night, quite late), because I don't want to think about it, and instead there's a lot of cleaning to do because we didn't have time for that before we left.

Hope you're all well and have something nice to do today, I've done that with this post and now: on to the cleaning (not fun - boo).

Speak soon xx

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