The big declutter 2017: declutter round #2


I did my first declutter for the year back in early January (see here) and I wouldn't have thought I'd be ready for another declutter post as early as February, but turns out I am so here it is!

Do note that I declutter often so I've called this series 'the big declutter' even though each individual post is quite small - so while you won't see huge chunks of beauty products being removed in one hit, you will see a significant amount being passed on as the year progresses.

The reason why I declutter so often is not only because I don't like having stuff lying around unused, but also because I either donate it or pass it on to friends and family so I would much rather find better homes for things while they're well within expiry.

Anyhoo. Let's have a look.

Maybelline Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter

Full review here. I was sent this product for review recently and while I do like it, I also have so many highlighters that I just don't need another one. While it's the only cream highlighter I own, I learned long ago that I don't reach for creams unless I'm making myself do so via Project Pan, so rather than popping this into the 'next to pan' basket, I would prefer to send it to someone who'll use it more than I would.

It's a decent budget option if you're after a natural-looking highlight that's easy to apply and blend (it's a great product for beginners). While it doesn't last as long as I would like (even when set with a powder), it looks good on the skin and I'm sure someone will love it.

Maybelline Master Contour V-Face Duo Stick in Medium

This was sent to me along with the above product and they have similar formulas so this one also applies and blends well and is a good product for beginners. I've reviewed it here.

My main issue with this product is that the dark side is too warm for contouring (at least on me) and the highlight shade is too pale and frosty for my medium skin so I don't think the colours have been chosen well. Still, the dark shade makes a nice cream bronzer and the highlight is definitely usable so I've no doubt someone will be pleased to receive it.

Sleek Eye Dust in Inferno

This isn't a bad little product, it's just that I never use it because I don't go for strong eye looks (this is super metallic) and it's also a pigment so there's fall-out unless you've got a good glitter glue, which I don't. I've reviewed it here.

I would have decluttered it ages ago but I haven't done so because I completely forgot that I had it. Ooops! It's not too old so I'm sure someone will like it.

Gorgeous Cosmetics Lipstick in Quinn

Full review here. I didn't mind this product although it had a tendency to emphasise lip lines so it wasn't my favourite, plus I have a similar bright orange shade that I prefer so I always opted for that over this one.

I did however start using it more frequently with the intention of panning it, but unfortunately the whole lipstick has disintegrated into a melted mess so I'm going to have to turf it. Annoying! It came as a GWP and I suspect it was quite old before I even opened it because I had issues with the bronzer from the GWP set too.

Lancome Juicy Shaker in Walk the Lime

There's been a lot of hoo-hah about these and it seems you either love them or you really don't. I really don't: this completely dries my lips out and it's not something I can use much or I'll wind up with flaky, uncomfortable lips. Problem is, you need to keep re-applying these because they don't last, so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place due to the drying issue. I've reviewed it here.

I did consider panning it but instead I've passed it on to my mum, who was super happy to receive it and I'm sure she'll enjoy it - so better that I've given it to someone who's glad to use it, as opposed to forcing myself to do it. Win win.

Schwarzkopf Live Colour in Rich Burgundy x2

I bought these just before I got pregnant with my first child because I'd dyed my hair with them previously and liked the look, so I wanted to do it again.

Unfortunately two pregnancies and two children got in the way of my plans, mostly because I barely have time or energy to wash my hair - let alone dye it. You'll also hear that you shouldn't dye your hair when pregnant, although I've been told that it's worth asking your doctor that question because it's not necessarily the case.

In any event, it's time these were either donated or tossed (I'll need to look into whether they're still ok to use before passing them on) and I'm finally doing it now. I should have done it ages ago but I kept hoping I'd find the time and energy to use them. I never did!

In sum

That's all for my little declutter post. Above are seven items in total that I'm decluttering in February (two being the same product), and only the hair dye is something I bought for myself - everything else was sent to me for review or received as a GWP etc.

Do let me know if you've done any decluttering of late and how you like to go about it if so. I'm always up for more tips on when and how to declutter, so do share them in the comments if you have any.

Speak soon x

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