Maslow & Co, Australia Edit, February 2017 - unboxing and first impressions


If you read this blog, you may know that we returned from a horror drive up to Sydney with the kids only two days ago - and since I'm still recovering from that and my husband left at the crack of dawn this morning to go to NZ on business, the arrival of this box could not have been better timed. I need a bit of cheering up and this box went some way to achieving that. Huzzah!

It showed up on our doorstep yesterday and I'd had the sense to keep checking the front porch because the couriers Maslow & Co use never knock on the door (or at least mine don't), and sure enough this showed up sans knock sometime before midday so I discovered it early enough to take photos while the light was still good. Double huzzah.

But I'm sure you're not interested in all that ; ) On to the box!

This is one of those boxes that feels like it doesn't contain as much as the others, although I think that's partly because the fourteen yellow sachets you can see make it seem that much lighter. Plus the Maven gift this month is the largest item in here, so your box might feel even lighter if you haven't qualified for that gift.

What's good about this box - at least where I'm concerned - is that it isn't full of items I already have too many of, which is a huge plus for me because I've hit saturation point with my collection and I've vowed to drop two of my subscriptions this year since I just don't need more stuff (spoiler: I won't be dropping Maslow).

It's also a box that contains a varied selection of stuff so there should be something in here for everyone, and I do prefer boxes that aren't too heavy on anything in particular because all that means for me is that some of the items will be left gathering dust before I finish similar products.

Let's have a quick look at each item in turn.

Maven Gift: The Divine Woman Miniature Series (RRP $29.95 AUD for the set)

This is such a great gift to receive because it allows you to sample a bundle of different items from one brand so you can get a feel for the company, and I'm pleased to say that I hadn't heard of this brand before I saw what the gift was this month.

The Divine Woman is apparently a certified organic skincare line founded in Australia, and this kit contains the company's top-selling products so it's perfect for trial or travel.

The kit contains:
  • Hydrating Cream Cleanser 7ml
  • Daily Renewal Lactic Gel Cleanser 7ml
  • Soothing Rose Toner 10ml
  • Illuminating Day Cream 7ml

This little set should apparently last around a week and I can't wait to get stuck into it because I do like to take a break from my regular skincare occasionally and this is the perfect way to do it: this way I'll have products that should work together and I'll be able to see if anything in here does good things for my skin. Can't wait!

Rohr Remedy Australia Wildflower Deodorant (RRP $16 AUD for 30ml) 

According to the product description, Rohr Remedy uses time-tested ingredients employed by the indigenous Aboriginal people. The brand fuses nature and science to produce local skincare. This deodorant is all-natural and it's made from Australian wildflower essential oils, plus it contains potent antibacterial and deodorising properties to ensure you smell as clean and pure as the outdoors.

While some people mightn't be that thrilled about receiving a deodorant in a beauty box because 'essentials' like this are quite boring, I'm actually pleased: my deodorant is on its last legs and it's one of those things that I've kept forgetting to buy when I've gone to the supermarket - so this inclusion has solved that problem and it's saved me a purchase.

O&M Know Knott Conditioning Detangler (RRP $10.95 AUD for 50ml deluxe travel size)

This is an absolutely fantastic product and I have no complaints about receiving another one (I currently own a full-sized bottle and I'm about halfway through it). I've reviewed it here.

It's a conditioning detangling spray to free hair of damaging snarls and knots, and it contains macadamia and argan oils to  recondition the hair to protect it and leave it glossy and knot-free. It also claims to be replenishing and enriching while restoring shine and nourishing the hair. I can confirm that it does all those things and I'm looking forward to seeing what others think of it: I haven't seen anyone talk about it yet but it really deserves some recognition because it's awesome. 

Stevie K The New Black Matte Lipstick (RRP $23.95 AUD for 4g)

According to the product description, these lipsticks are highly saturated and perfectly pigmented, plus they're enriched with super nourishing ingredients like vitamin e, jojoba and evening primrose oils. Influenced by the city of Melbourne, each lipstick is encased in a semi-distressed aluminium tube with street art inspired packaging. They're meant to be smooth, non-drying and long lasting.

It looks like there were three colour options available and I'm glad I received the shade I did: 'King Kylie', a nude brown that will never go astray. I haven't swatched it yet so fingers crossed that it suits me!

Luma by Jess Hart Illuminating Highlighter in Rose Gold (RRP $24.95 AUD)

This is apparently infused with an exclusive blend of mineral pigments, luminous spheres and moisturising oil. The creamy, quick-drying formula glides on like silk and blends effortlessly for a natural finish with a hint of colour.

I had a quick peek inside this and it's a pink, cream highlighter that looks like it will give more of a sheen and doesn't contain chunky glitter (thank golly). Now I need another highlighter like I need a hole in the head, but I only own one other cream highlighter so I'm happy at least that this won't be joining the stack of powder highlighters I own. If this product is fantastic I may well keep it, but I suspect it will wind up in the delutter pile because I just don't use cream highlighters and I definitely don't need any more glow in my collection. We'll see.

Vida Glow Mango Marine Collagen (RRP $49.95 AUD for 30 x 3g sachets; received 14)

Now Maslow & Co is meant to be a sachet-free box, but I reckon we can give them a pass here because we've received almost half of a full-sized pack and there's plenty of sachets to test.

Apparently marine collagen is ideal for those who want to add extra nutrients to their beauty regime. Until our mid-twenties our bodies naturally produce collagen - the protein responsible for our youthful radiance - and as this production slows, we begin to see the effects of ageing. By replenishing our collagen levels, we are helping to restore the building blocks for lustrous hair, radiant skin and sturdier nails. 

I've had a quick look at the instructions and this is something you eat (rather than put on your face), so I'll be sure to throw these into a glass of water sooner rather than later - the expiry date on them is April this year.

Sea2Skin Active Hydration Mask (RRP $34 AUD for 75g (10 uses))

According to the description, this product is formulated to create a deeply hydrating and nourishing skincare treatment. Rich sea botanicals and marine collagen combine to revive dull skin cells, resurface and smooth the dermis, while natural hyaluronic acid and rose hip oil work to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate.

Although I have too many masks at the moment, I don't have many hydrating ones so this is something I can see myself using sooner rather than later. Hopefully it will help out my perpetually dry skin as we soon head into Autumn.

In sum

This is a good little box and I can't wait to start using everything in here. I'm probably most excited about the hydrating mask and the Maven gift, although there's nothing in here that I won't at least try so I'm pleased about that. I can see myself passing on the cream highlighter if it doesn't float my boat, but everything else will definitely get used.

Note also that the beautiful, luxe little booklets we're used to receiving inside these boxes have been let go for environmental (and probably cost) reasons, so all product information is now accessible online only. While I'm sad to say goodbye to those booklets because they really added to the experience of opening these boxes, I would also put the environment first so I think it's a good decision on Maslow & Co's behalf.

Do let me know if you received this box and what you think of it if so.

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