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I picked up this primer last year after I finished off my Hourglass No 28 Primer Serum because I needed a hydrating replacement and I wanted something in travel size, and this fit the bill nicely. I bought it when I had an order that needed to be a little larger to qualify for free shipping, so this got me over the line and also filled a hole in my collection. Or so I thought.

I've been using it on and off for a few months now so I'm more than ready to review it, and after that I may pop it into Project Pan because I'd like to get through a primer or two this year and this shouldn't present too many problems since it's not a large tube. Plus it's not an essential for me so I'd like to move it out of my collection and search for another primer that does more for me than this one. More on that in a sec.

Mecca claims/product details:
  • A hydrating pre-foundation primer for complexion perfection
  • Your first step to creating a truly flawless complexion 
  • Allows foundation to glide on easily and stay fresh, keeping colour true for longer
  • Ensures skin is left hydrated both instantly and over time, which means makeup lasts longer and looks better
  • Formulated with Hydroviton®, a moisturising super-ingredient based on hyaluronic acid that works naturally to increase the skin’s own capacity to retain water
  • Oil free and suited to all skin types
  • RRP $40 AUD for 45ml or $17 AUD for 15ml

I like the long slender tube and I also love the directed nozzle (see below) because this helps ensure that you don't squeeze out too much product and offers a more focused application.

I must say that the older I get, the more I appreciate well-designed packaging because I've used some dodgy stuff in my time and it's always a pleasure to come across packaging that's been thought-through and done well. So ten points to Mecca for the design of this product because it just works and makes life a little easier - always a good thing!


I'm a little confused about this product for two reasons: first that it's had such amazing reviews on the Mecca website (see here); and second that many of those reviews say how amazing it smells. I personally think it's ok but nothing to write home about, but more confusingly my tube has absolutely no scent at all. Now I have a strong sense of smell so if a fragrance were there, I would smell it. This makes me wonder if I received a tube from a bung batch.

Leaving that aside, the product is a light, white cream that feels like a gel hybrid and it spreads over the skin beautifully and feels cooling when applied. As I've said, my tube has no scent but I suggest testing this product in-store if you're sensitive to fragrance because many have commented on how good this smells so presumably most tubes do have a scent.

A little goes a long way with this so even my 15ml size will last a good while, and I'd be careful of applying too much because if you do, the product may not absorb. So start with a grain of rice or two and go from there - you mightn't need any more than that. 

On that, if like me you already have a few different primers to reach for, I reckon you're better off going for the small tube and forgetting the large one because you mightn't get through it within expiry. I certainly wouldn't.

Just thinking about it, I reckon my big issue with this product is that it's called a 'hydrating' primer and it really isn't that hydrating. I have dry, dehydrated skin - so if something calls itself hydrating, I immediately believe it's going to be a good product for me. I don't think this is. It's not that it's drying, it's just that it doesn't moisturise enough and I personally think it's better-geared for normal to combination skin, or perhaps even oily skin that's a touch dehydrated or has a few dry-ish patches.

If the product were named something else, I may well think a little more of it because it does apply well and, as mentioned, you don't need much to cover your whole face. It also smooths out the skin so I think it provides a good base for makeup application, but I don't think it helps my makeup last longer. Having said this, my dry skin clings to makeup anyway so I normally don't need a primer to extend the wear of my makeup. I need it to hydrate. Blurgh.

So in sum, while I don't think this is a bad product, I also don't think it's designed for dry skin like mine and I reckon it should be called something else so people like myself don't buy it in the belief that it will nourish the skin and keep it feeling comfortable throughout the day. Because this doesn't. When I wear it, I need to reach for one of my heavier moisturisers to keep my skin juiced up and I shouldn't need to do that if I'm using a primer that's designed to do that job for me.

An ok product but I'd certainly test this before purchase because it mightn't do what you want it to do.

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