Pan that Palette 2017 (Nars, Stila etc): February update


Hello all and welcome to my February Pan that Palette update! In some ways it hasn't been the greatest month for me because I've not yet kicked out any shadows from my Z-palette, but in others it has because...

...drum roll please...

Huzzah! Yes, I've finally finished my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit - every last drop.

The other two empty pans you can see are from Stila's Eyes Are The Window Palette in Mind: I've mentioned earlier that I'm trying to pan every shade from that palette and also from Stila's In The Light because they're the oldest palettes I own and I've depotted every shadow in them. 

The two empty pans are the pink and black shades from Mind, which didn't fit in my Z-palette so I've been panning them 'on the side'.

Here they are again:

Since I don't use black shadow, I used that one as a dry shampoo, and the pale pink cracked to bits when depotted so rather than re-press it, I decided to crush it up and add a little each day to my translucent setting powder, just to make the latter last longer. 

As you may know, I'm also doing the mixing thing with a too-pale blush via Project Pan - so it was bloody annoying to mix THREE different powders to set my makeup each day and I'm thanking the universe that I'm now only mixing two!

Here's where the Hourglass palette was at the end of January:

And here's where it is now:

I panned the whole thing, including the little bits stuck in the grids. That's how much I loved this product - not a speck went to waste.

Not only this, once the palette looked finished I decided that some of the product may have slipped down the edges of the pans so I upended it and banged it on my makeup desk. 

Again, again and again. 

Indeed, I did that for FIVE DAYS until finally, finally, no more powder spilled out from the gaps. Obsessive? Maybe. But I do love Hourglass and their powders don't come cheap so my banging behaviour was perhaps understandable. Well, maybe a little bit ; )

As for my Z-palette, here's how it looked at the end of January:

And here's how it looks now: 

So you'll no doubt notice that I've changed things a touch in the bottom right-hand corner. What I've done is removed Nars Sin because I just wasn't using it and I decided to bring in other products that I had more chance of actually finishing. 

I'm sorry if that's annoying for anyone who likes to see palettes look exactly the same from month-to-month, but I've done it because the main aim of this challenge for me is of course to get through old powders and Nars Sin was taking up too much space and not giving enough love to warrant its ongoing inclusion in this project.

The powders I've replaced it with are more Stila pans (they're all the same shape so they're easy to identify), and I'm happy to say that I've now managed to fit all my remaining Stila pans into this palette. Woot!

Here's a close-up of the left side, end of January:

And here's where it is now:

Now let's talk progress!

That damn yellow shade (top left) is about a week away from being finished because I've re-pressed it and what's left is very thin, plus I'm using it as a base shadow, as a matte highlight on the face and also to dull any redness on my chin and around my nose once my tinted moisturiser has faded throughout the day.

You'll also notice that I've re-pressed the Coastal Scents shade (bottom right, the round pan) and I reckon I can knock that out during March too because there's about one sixth of the full product left.

The Lancome shadows beside it and the Stila shimmers in this section haven't been used much because I've been focusing on the mattes. 

The mattes I've been using most since January are the four Stila pans in the bottom left and you'll see progress on Stila's Wit (the caramel shade showing pan) in particular. As for the other three, they've all been developing hard-pan and flaking so they've been difficult to work with and I've had to keep scratching off the hard-pan bits when I use them. Annoying! But I guess it means I'll be getting through them more quickly ; )

Stila's Sandstone (the brown showing pan) is progressing but it will take an eternity to finish it because I only use that on my brows and lower waterline, plus I mix it with Bahama Mama (below) to lighten Sandstone and cool it down for a better colour-match.

As for the other half of my palette, here's where it was in January:

There's the rest of it (January):

And here's where it is now:

Let's do the Nars pans first. I've had to re-press the brown below Bahama Mama because I've been mixing those two as a bronzer and it was getting too hard to get a larger brush in there. What's left is quite thin and I reckon it'll last two months tops.

The peach and plummy rose Nars shades have expanded pans and I've started using the peach as a highlight on the collarbones and shoulders because the pigmentation is rubbish (it looks frosty and nondescript on the eyes - definitely not peach) so I'm hoping I can get through it while the weather's still warm enough that I'm exposing more body-skin. The plummy rose is another nondescript shade but in a good way because it works as a transition and a base shadow.

Nars Portobello is the only Nars duo I own that I really enjoy because it's not as dry and hard as the others and it's a super useful little duo - so I'm not planning to pan this completely in 2017. My aim is to kick-out the pans in this palette that I don't love or are too old to perform as well as they used to, which will leave me with a palette full of shades that just work.

Bahama Mama from theBalm: we're getting there. I'd love to keep it in my collection but it's getting to the old, crumbly stage so I'm looking forward to getting through it. Three months? We'll see.

So Susan (the lavender shade): I've expanded the pan a bit. I love this colour but it's not a good formula and it vanishes from the eyes within an hour or two so I only use it when I know I'll have time to keep re-applying it.

The Croquis highlighter: not much progress but who cares because I love it and plan to keep it in this palette as long as I can!

No progress on Stila's Night Sky (the blue/grey) because I haven't tried using it much yet and I reckon it'll be better for the cooler months.

The new pans are Stila's Kitten (always a crowd pleaser ; )), two other pans from Stila Mind, plus a blush I mixed myself from a few random powders - and although it sadly doesn't work well as a blush because it falls off my face something chronic, it does work beautifully as an eyeshadow and I'm looking forward to using it for that purpose.

In sum

Phew! These posts are always long, even though I try to be as succinct as I can.

Do note that I'm planning to introduce another product to replace my Hourglass empty, but I'll do that in a separate post (hopefully today) because I'd rather introduce it properly and this post is long enough as it is.

Some housekeeping:

  • If you'd like to see January's update, it's here.
  • I'm currently using the matte purple shade from Stila's Mind as a dry shampoo now that I've finished the black because it's not a good powder and it doesn't look purple on me anyway (more of a muddy black/grey), so expect to see another 'floating' empty pan in a later update.
  • Please don't rely on the photos in these updates for the colours of my products: I have to enhance them and up the clarity so you can better-see progress, so if you're interested in any colours, I've done separate reviews on all of them and you can easily find those in the search panel of this blog.

That's all from me! It's been a pretty good month for Pan that Palette and I'm looking forward to delivering more panporn for you in March.

Do let me know if you're doing Pan that Palette 2017 and share in the comments any links you may have to photos/posts/videos etc because I love seeing how others are going with their projects.

Hope all's well with you guys, and speak soon x

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