Project Pan 2017 mini update #2


Would you believe, it's taken me most of February to finally finish one item from my Project Pan 2017 list for this month. My golly! And to think that I deliberately included a few 'easy' items so I could keep things moving and not get bogged down.

Hoh well. At least I've finished a 'good' item: my Josie Maran blush in Honeymoon Honey (see above). This thing has been on my list since last year so I'm thrilled that I can finally call it done.

I do plan to bring in my only other non-powder blush to Project Pan 2017 (it's from Stila), but for now I'd rather give myself a break from panning blushes so I've decided to include another mask on my list since I have too many of those and need to get through some.

Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Mask

Full review here. Now I really like this mask but it's been open the longest of all my masks so it's time to start using it more often. Fortunately all the PTR masks I've used to date have come with a 24 month shelf-life (after opening) marked on the tub, so even though it's been open for a year now, it's still well within expiry.

This is one of those masks that I really enjoy but I've since found a Chantecaille one that I prefer so I'll be opening that once this is finished because they do similar things (hydrate and soothe) - it's just that the Chantecaille one works better for me so I won't buy this one again.

There's another look at the tub above. I have about two-thirds left and it will likely last for a while because a little goes a long way and I haven't made a huge dent in this, despite how often I use it.

With the addition of this mask I now have two PTR masks on my Project Pan list and I'm looking forward to finishing them so I can get stuck into other products.

Hope all's well with you, and I'll check back in soon with my full PP update for the month. 

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