Project Dent 2017: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion


Hullo and welcome to my next Project Dent intro post! 

With most of my Project Dent products, I've been choosing things that I either haven't reviewed yet or that I don't reach for as a matter of course. 

This time I decided to do something different and instead I'm including my favourite of Hourglass' blushes: Dim Infusion, which takes top spot along with Incandescent Electra because I'm all about those peachy corals.

Indeed this blush formula has made my yearly favourites ever since I bought my first one and I can't get enough of them. I've reviewed this colour here.

This is one of those blushes that I reach for when I'm going to a special occasion or I just want to make myself feel better because it always makes me feel good when I use it, plus I can wear it with just about any look since it's quite a subdued colour so it won't stand out too much unless you build it.

Now I'm deliberately including lots of photos so you can get a good look at the pan - reason being, I'm not sure how much wear we'll see over a couple of weeks' use.

Hourglass powders last an eternity - something I can attest to because I'm currently panning a three-pan palette and it's hanging on for dear life, despite daily use on my whole face. So while they do cost a bundle, I reckon they're worth every penny because they perform so well and last forever.

Last shot:

It looks as though I haven't used this much but I definitely have. It's easily my most-used blush, not only because I reach for it often but also because it's one of the oldest I own.

So what I'll do now is use it every day - whether on the cheeks or as an eyeshadow because I haven't tried that yet - and I'll report back in a couple of weeks so we can see if I've managed to make the pan look any flatter.

Wish me luck!

Speak soon x

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