We made it!


This is just a short note to say that the reason I haven't posted for the last couple of days is: we've been on the road and there just hasn't been the time or space for it.

You may remember I mentioned that we were travelling up to Sydney by road for a wedding. We decided to take the car because we needed the car seats when here for our toddler and four-month-old (plus there's the whole issue of needing various puréed foods and other liquids so air travel is difficult at best), and we stopped in Albury overnight en route because the journey was too long for one hit.

Anyhoo. I'm pleased to report that we got here, although of course it wasn't easy and we're shattered to boot. I may decide to write a post on the perils of road travel with kids (I've already done one on travel in general: see here if you're interested), although to be honest I'm at the point where I'd prefer to forget the whole experience ; )

The other issue of course is that it's belting hot in some parts of Australia at the moment and in Sydney especially, so the weather wasn't on our side for the journey and we're facing a wedding on the beach in 43 degree heat. I'm not entirely sure what to say about that: let's just pretend it's not happening.

Still, the apartment we're staying in has air-con and my parents are here to help out with the kids, so I'm deciding to look on the bright side.

More than anything I would like to rustle up some kind of post to write: do bear with me while I attempt to push through my sleep-deprived state and find something to say about a product or two.

Hope all's well with you guys, and do wish us luck for the weekend ahead. On Monday we're driving home and we need to do the trip in one hit because my husband has to get back for work... But that issue's for another day so let's ignore it for now!

Speak soon x

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