Pan that Palette 2017: new entry to the challenge!


I mentioned yesterday in my February Pan that Palette update (see here) that I planned to introduce a new product to replace the Hourglass one I've just finished. 

While I'd intended to introduce my new entry to the challenge in yesterday's post, I decided to do it separately because my February update was long enough already. So here it is!

The palette I've chosen to include in Pan that Palette 2017 is my Stila Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo in Medium (reviewed here). Is a duo a 'palette'? Let's call it one because I have enough split hairs on my actual head and don't need to start splitting them here too ; )

Here's how the palette looks as of today, 1 March 2017:

Note that I did include this product in my Project Dent series last year (see here), which is why you can already see some good dents in the pans.

Project Dent also encouraged me to earmark this product for Pan that Palette because I realised it was something I could use on the daily if I set my mind to it - plus it's a cream product and those tend not to last as long as powders before going rancid so I'd like to get through it while it's still 'safe' to use.

Here it is again so you can better-see my current progress:

Now I'm not someone who contours much because I prefer 'less is more' makeup and I'm lucky enough to have been blessed with cheekbones: it's my rubbish hooded eyes that need the contouring work but I use matte shadows for that and this product isn't designed for the eyes anyway.

But I have discovered that I don't mind a bit of nose-contouring and my jawline can always use a bit of help - particularly because I'm 36 and have a baby and a toddler, so my skin isn't as 'clenched' (ha) as it used to be and my face tends to puff something chronic when I'm sleep-deprived (something about water-retention perhaps, who knows).

Some swatches of the product if you're interested (see more in my review):

Fortunately the contour shade works a treat on my light-medium (winter) and medium (summer) colouring so I can use it all year, but the highlight shade isn't pale enough to function as a highlight on me so I'll be using that to cover any redness on my chin and around my nose that appears when my tinted moisturiser starts to fade throughout the day. 

The highlight shade does also work as a touch-up product on the rest of my face, but it can settle into pores and emphasise dry patches so I need to be careful where I place it.

In sum

I'm excited to start using this product more frequently, and I'm also excited that it has a 24 month shelf-life because I reckon it'll take at least a year of daily use to finish and it's now been open for just over a year.

Wish me luck!

Hope all's well with you guys, and speak soon x

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