February 2017 favourites

I mentioned yesterday when I wrote my five positives for the month (see here) that I was doing things slightly out of order this month and I'm continuing that trend today by writing my February favourites early. 

Why? Because I've been up all night with my son (he's seventeen weeks old) and I don't have the head for a detailed review post this morning - but I can easily rustle up some enthusiasm for the products that have seen me through February thus far, so let's have a look at those : )

Mecca Cosmetica Lip De Luscious SPF 25 +

Full review here. This was the one review post I managed to write during our horror trip to Sydney last week and the product has stayed front-of-mind because I've been using it heaps and it's the only lip product I'm using at the moment that's hydrating enough for my dry lips.

As a case in point, when we got back from being away I returned to using a different lip balm overnight - one that's meant to be a treatment product - and within two days my lips had become dry and chapped. Since that was the only thing I changed, I know the product was responsible and this Mecca balm is now back in rotation to manage the issue.

It feels beautifully plush on the lips, plumps up lines and keeps my dry lips comfortable. I definitely see why people love these so much and I plan to keep one on hand from now on. Awesome.

Mecca Cosmetica Clean Slate Makeup Remover

Sticking with the Mecca theme, this is another product that I've loved this month and I have to give it another shout-out because it's just so good. Full review here.

I'd used and loved this bottle last year but there was a little left that I retained because I knew we had the Sydney wedding coming up and I wanted to take this travel-sized bottle, rather than lugging up my full-sized micellar water.

From the moment I used it again, it was instant love and I'll have to buy myself another one when it's time to replace my micellar water because it's just fantastic. It cuts through grease beautifully and removes gunk like nobody's business, plus it doesn't irritate or strip my dry, sensitive skin. Awesome again.

C-Lab & Co Coffee Scrub with Coconut

Full review here. As you may know, I do love me a good coffee scrub and while this isn't the best I've used, it's still good and it does the job well.

I've been using it more frequently lately because I've been self-tanning to pretend to myself that I've been out in the sun heaps, which of course I haven't - I've been housebound with one kid permanently on the boob and the other one making full use of her time in the terrible twos.

But this little scrub has kept my body buffed and self-tan ready, plus I could easily throw a couple of applications into an old sample tub to travel with, just to save a bit of space. I'll have to buy me another coffee scrub once this is gone so do let me know if you have a favourite - I'm always up for trying another one!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit, Surreal Light

I haven't reviewed this yet because it's limited edition and it's almost not worth reviewing LE items in my case: I tend not to buy things as soon as they come out (I have to wait until I have the pennies), plus we get things late in Australia so by the time they're here, anyone who wants to know about the product has probably already looked at all the available US reviews anyway.

Having said this, the palette is still up on Mecca's website so I wanted to talk about it while it's still available. Yes it's expensive but you do get five different powders so it's cheaper than buying five full sizes, and you'll see people complain about the size of the pans but I don't see how that's relevant when few people ever finish powder products (especially blushes) within expiry anyway. What's the point of having heaps of product if you're never going to finish it?! I'm currently panning an Hourglass trio palette and that's taking FOREVER, even though I use the products all over the face and not eg just as a highlight.

Anyhoo. I'm getting off track. This is a sensational little palette and it's my favourite of Hourglass' LE edits to date. Why? Because the colours work perfectly on my skintone and the highlighter (bottom right) is my favourite of Hourglass' strobe powders to date: it's similar to Becca's Champagne Pop and I love it. This little palette came with us away and it did not let me down. I didn't sleep for days (sick kids) but this helped manage the issue. Well sort of ; )

Maslow & Co, The Australia Edit, February 2017

I haven't included a sub box in my monthly favourites before but I'm including this one because its arrival could not have been better-timed. We'd just got back from our exhausting trip and my husband was off to NZ the next day, leaving me alone with two kids (ARGH!) and this box showed up and lifted my spirits.

While it's not the best box I've received to date - nor is it my favourite from Maslow & Co - it's definitely been the one that's arrived at the best time. That's one of the reasons I subscribe to sub boxes: for the surprise element and to have something to look forward to. This one just made me happy and it didn't matter what was in it because that happiness was all I needed at the time. I've unboxed it here if you're interested.

In sum

That's all from me! I hope you've found some good products to love this month and are enjoying trying new things and rediscovering old favourites.

Do let me know in the comments what you've been loving this month : )

Speak soon x

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