Allegra Rhodes Ocean Mist Hand Wash - review


I discovered the Allegra Rhodes brand via Bellabox and have previously written a review of the hand and body creams.

While the range of hand and nail creams remains my favourite, I'm enjoying this hand wash too. The fragrance is lovely - fresh, light and clean - and a few guests have commented on the smell when they've visited (we keep this one in the bathroom).

Allegra Rhodes claims/product details:
  • Indulge your senses and treat yourself daily with this sensual hand wash
  • An awakening blend of bergamot and lemon, layered with jasmine, rose and sandalwood
  • Contains only Australian ingredients
  • 100% sulphate and paraben free
  • Scented with eau de parfum
  • RRP $29.95 for 350ml (currently on special for $17.97 on the Allegra Rhodes website)
  • Also available from the Bellabox shop

Available fragrances include this one, Sweet Apple & Grapefruit (which smells exactly like the original DKNY Be Delicious fragrance), Red Lychee and Cherry Blossom. 

I haven't tried the Cherry Blossom, but the other three are lovely. Ocean Mist and Sweet Apple & Grapefruit are my favourites. What I love about the fragrance of these products is that it's strong enough to linger on your skin without being overpowering.


This is a really lovely hand wash and if I wasn't on a spending ban, I'd certainly be buying another round from the Allegra Rhodes range - particularly because you can get free shipping for orders over $50 (on top of the 40 per cent off sale currently on foot).

As mentioned, I really love the fragrances I've tried and especially love how they linger on the skin. I also love the packaging and I've kept the boxes as display items because the design looks nice against the bathroom tiles. Packaging is hardly a reason to buy a product, but many of us are swayed by how things look - and these look good.

Unlike eg the hand and nail creams from this range, there's probably not a lot to say about the quality of the hand wash itself (other than the amazing smell) - I reckon it's pretty hard to bugger up a hand wash. It cleans well and smells nice and isn't drying. What else is there?

Ticks from me.

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