Royal Nature The Original Soothing Blemish Balm - review


I received this BB cream in Memebox Special #37 Wake Up Makeup, and for me it's the item that saved the whole box.

As you'll see in that review, most of the other products were pretty rubbish and not great quality. Thankfully this one is decent, and being a total BB/CC cream junkie, I'm getting harder and harder to please in this department because I've been fortunate enough to use quite a few great creams of this nature.

My only complaint is the colour: it's too pale for me, but thankfully it's not so pale that I can't work with it in the colder months when my skin is less tanned. Happily I had enough sense to muck around with this product when I got it back in early October, and also took my photos then - so you can see below that, with some work, it's a passable colour for me, and I can also darken things up with a powder if I need to.

I've dusted it off again recently because I have a base product I've been using that's now slightly too dark for me (I haven't been out in the sun as much since having a baby), and this has been a good mixer product to bring the colour down a notch or two.

Royal Nature claims/product details:
  • Gentle, soothing formula 
  • Enriched with calendula, chamomile and portulaca extracts, cypress essential oil and a special 'Angel's Tear' complex
  • Aims to relieve and brighten the skin
  • SPF30 PA++
  • RRP $43 for 40ml

There's the colour on my arm, unblended above and blended below. It's not a bad match for my pale inner wrist - pity I won't be wearing it there ; )

As you can see, it has a watery/runny and sheer formula, which I like and which makes the colour more forgiving in terms of what skintones can get away with it.

There's my bare face:

There I am with the smallest layer of product. You can see that it has an effect on evening out my skintone, although it does make me paler and doesn't look quite right. That's why I'm using it as a mixer product, as a base for a powder foundation or with lots of bronzer.

There's my yukky red chest:

And there it is with the product:

You can see that the coverage isn't too bad, despite how sheer it is, and you can always build it if you want to.


I have to say, I'm HEARTBROKEN that this product is too pale for my face. Boo foo boo. Maybe I could wear it on my wrists?!

Obviously I really love it, otherwise I wouldn't be hanging on to it for use as a dedicated facial BB cream: I wouldn't normally work so hard to make a product viable for me (eg by using it as a mixer or with extra bronzer), but it's a really lovely product and I don't want to give it away.

It smells nice, blends well and just feels good for your skin. You can tell it's a high quality product and if it wasn't so pale, I've no doubt I'd be in love with it.

It definitely evens out skintone and has a brightening effect. My skin looks fresher when I wear it and it adds a nice glow, which fortunately still applies if I mix it with the right darker product.

Ticks from me. No ticks for Memebox for including yet another BB/CC cream that's far too pale for my skin - I received a lot of those creams from the company and they were all ridiculously pale. This was the least pale of the bunch, and by far the best one.

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