Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturising Oil - review


It's high time I wrote a full review of this hair oil: I've received four 3ml samples of this in the past year (from memory they were all from LHI) and I'm just using the last of those now. Particularly because you use so little each time, I reckon I've had enough experience of this product to give you my thoughts : )

Aveda claims/product details:
  • Dry remedy™ daily moisturizing oil is a 99.9% naturally derived, daily leave-in treatment that instantly moisturises dry hair and ends by 41% (*after one application of daily moisturising oil in laboratory testing)
  • Contains buriti oil, leaving hair soft, supple and shiny
  • Formulated without silicone, so it takes only a few drops to moisturise hair
  • Derived from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water
  • RRP $40 for 30ml, but do shop around
  • Shelf-life after opening: 24 months
  • Available at the Aveda website, and see website for more info

To use:
  • Apply 1-2 drops of oil to your hands, emulsify, and smooth from mid-length to ends through half of your hair
  • Repeat for second half 
  • Gently comb your fingers through your hair to evenly distribute
  • With residual oil on your hands, gently smooth over your crown for more shine and fewer flyaways


I'm pretty biased when it comes to hair oils (I love them) because my hair is dry and oil is something I need to use regularly. I don't think I've ever come across a hair oil that doesn't do exactly what it's meant to, so while I do really like this product, I certainly wouldn't pay $40 for it when I can pick up a cheapo one at the supermarket that does the same job just as well.

Having said this, I'm a big fan of this product because it does meet its claims in terms of leaving hair 'soft, supple and shiny', and a little goes a long way - so even this 3ml sample will last me a good while. Plus it's a great little purse size and it has saved me countless times when I've been out and my hair has started frizzing due to humidity, rain or whatever. Not all products help flyaways without weighing your hair down, but this definitely does - so it gains points there.

One thing to note about this is the smell: it's super strong and reeks of ginger, and it lingers and can interfere with your perfume. I imagine that a lot of people would be turned off by the smell, so I'd definitely try this first before buying because you mightn't be able to live with it.

Also, you're meant to emulsify this product with water prior to use: I don't always do this because I've often put some on when I don't have water on hand, and I reckon it works just as well without being emulsified.

A lovely product overall. Recommended if you have the cash!

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