Coral Colours Eyebrow Definer Pencil in Dark Brown - review


We received this in a Lust Have It women's box a while back, and although I used it at the time, I quickly switched to using other products because I didn't like it that much.

I recently got it out again because it's a product I wouldn't mind finishing off and getting rid of - and you may well see it on my Project Pan list soon enough.

Coral Colours claims/product details:
  • Shape and define your eyebrows naturally or create dramatic definition with this easy to use brow pencil
  • The professional formula glides, blends easily and is long-lasting
  • RRP $7.95
  • Available from eg the Coral Colours website

As you can see from the swatch above, it's a not-too-natural brown colour that pulls orange when applied.

See below on my brows. It's just passable if you only use a little bit, but if you need to fill your brows in a lot, then you're going to look pretty crayoned, pretty quickly.


This is ok, it's just not a great colour on me - and I doubt it would be a good colour on many people.

The consistency is quite creamy and it does tend to melt a little when applied, plus it shifts pretty easily so don't go wiping your brows or you'll end up with streaks on your skin.

It's not a great product but it's passable, and you can't really expect much more from something that costs $7.95. Plus eyebrow pencils/fillers are something you can get away with spending less on I reckon - you don't need to worry about having cheaper products too close to your eyes (as you do with eyeliners) and you can survive with a product that smudges easily because there's not a lot of rubbing that normally happens with the eyebrow area (unlike eg your lips, which are wiping against things and each other all the time).

An ok product, I just wouldn't go out and buy it - I prefer using cheap eyeshadows on my brows because I find they work well and it's a good way of getting through them.

Did anyone else find that this was too orange/unnatural in colour?

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