Violet Box February 2015


What a surprise to return home from the park today with pram and puppy (such an operation ; ) ) to find this waiting on my doorstep! I'd never received the tracking email, but no complaints there.

I got home at around 10am but, two hours later (and counting), I'm only just getting to writing this now - someone once said that 'things just take a little longer' once you've had a baby, and that's definitely true (sometimes a lot longer!).

As I write this, my daughter has woken and is no doubt about to start crying for a feed, so I'll come back to this later (again!).

Looks like a good mix of products and a decent bunch. It's just a few circumstances that make this box less exciting for me - otherwise I'd be calling this the best Violet Box for a while.

First, the purple magnetic nail polish. I received a TBN purple magnetic nail polish from VB in November, and the shades are basically the same. Only two months and two boxes in between those polishes! That's pretty bad - why would I want another one? I didn't even want the first one! Receiving the first one is luck of the draw, but getting a second is just silly.

Second, the hair oil. I received this exact product via one of the beauty swap groups (I think it had been in a recent Bellabox). So there's another product I already have and I don't want/need another one.

Third, the Teeez eyeliner. We received this exact eyeliner from LHI last year. Receiving double ups in boxes happens all too often in Australia. There are three main monthly boxes (VB, Bellabox and LHI) and many lasses are subscribed to at least one of them. I myself was signed up for all three last year. I think it's ok to ask that we don't receive too many double ups: and we receive too many. All three boxes should be aiming to bring us new products I reckon. Do you agree?

Anyhoo. Moving on.

Natural World Moroccan Argan Oil (RRP $5.99 for 25ml; received full size)

This aims to lock in moisture, nourish and restore shine. It's a leave-in treatment oil.

I'm all for hair oils and normally I'd be over-mooned by this inclusion, but as I said, I already sourced this in a Bellabox swap and don't need another one because I have a lot of hair products and am after different ones to try.

UPDATE: Full review here. This is a decent hair oil and I'll definitely use it, plus it's a good handbag/travel size so I'm glad I can easily cart it around if need be. I've mentioned before that I think hair oils are generally all as good as each other - I can't really distinguish between them as I can face and body oils, other than eg the smell - but this isn't expensive and a little goes a long way so it will last for ages and I would recommend it for that reason alone.

Teeez Trend Cosmetics, Easy on the Eyes Eye Pencil in Black de Luxe (RRP $26, 1.5g; received full size)

We received this in the June LHI women's box so I'm already familiar with the product.

UPDATE: Full review here. As always I love Teeez packaging, but what you might have read so far about this product is true - it's not waterproof and smudges easily. With my puffy eyes, this pencil didn't last a second. According to the product description, it's supposed to be waterproof and long lasting. Rubbish. A disappointment, since Teeez products are normally decent.

Apparently it's better if you set it with a powder, but that sounds like too much hard work for me so I might see if I can swap it with someone who's less lazy than I am ; )

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser (RRP $46.95 for 120ml; received 30ml sample)

This is a generous sample size and I'm looking forward to trying it. This was one of the sneak peek items (the other being the BB pen), and I'm most excited about those two items.

According to the product card, this exfoliates and cleanses with all-natural ingredients. It's an organic lemongrass and chamomile-infused cleanser that gently gets rid of dirt, oil and makeup, while wiping away old layers of skin with non-abrasive sugar. It's infused with a clean lemon scent and you'll immediately notice how refreshed your skin feels.

Yay. Can't wait : )

UPDATE: I LOVE this product. It's gone straight to my HG list. Full review here. It smells divine and manages to both cleanse and exfoliate well, which many products can't - even though they claim to do both. It leaves my skin fresher and brighter, plus you only need to use the tiniest bit each time so the sample will last for ages. I'm definitely sourcing the full size once I've finished it.

Pretty Woman Magnetix Nail Polish (RRP $9.99; received full size)

Ach, the second purple magnetic nail polish received from VB that won't be used. This one's headed straight for the swap pile.

Emite Makeup Highlighting Pen (RRP $32; received full size)

Now this one I'm definitely excited about. Apparently it's a practical and effective way to minimise imperfections without weighing down the skin. I'm not sure why it's got 'BB' in the title - maybe the company's just using a grab word because everything's BB these days?!

It's creamy, apparently adherent and easy to apply. It's a concealer with powders in it and has a smooth, light texture.

Swatch below. I'm looking forward to playing around with this. If I like it, I might see if I can swap something for the pale version in the FB VB Swap group. I'd be happy to have both colours if it's a decent product.

UPDATE: Full review here. While I like this in theory, it's not a product I can use everywhere because it sits in pores and therefore leaves visible dots on my face where I've applied it. It also clings to ridges/fine lines so I can't use it under my eyes. Plus it has a tendency to slip around so you need to set it with a powder, so it's not particularly long lasting.

Still, there are spots I can use it on my face so I may move it to my Project Pan list, just to get through it. Note that VB calls this a concealer while Emite calls it a highlighter (see its website) and lists a different set of uses from those on the VB product card, so I'm not sure what's going on there.


The RRP value of this box is around $86, which isn't bad for the $22.95 monthly outlay (less if you're on an annual subscription).

I reckon this would be a pretty sensational box if you hadn't been doing the subscription box rounds for a while and ended up with three things you already have (including one from the same company only a few months back). It could well be that the problem is me - I need to stop buying boxes!

But that's not what sub boxes want, is it?! They want you to keep buying. In that case, the Oz sub boxes should really be watching what the others are doing and trying not to include items we've already seen - particularly because the companies are aware that many of us are swapping products online and picking up things from other boxes, even if we're not subscribed to them. Am I being unreasonable? Maybe. I'd be interested to hear what others think.

In any event, this was a good box and I'm still happy with it because I'm excited about the BB pen and the Suki item.

Thanks VB for another decent month. If you're interested in subscribing, click the banner in the top right corner of this blog and use the code 'VIOLETBOX10' for $10 off your first box. Violet Box remains my favourite of the monthly sub boxes and if you've been thinking of signing up to one of them, I'd definitely be picking this one.

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