Shanghai Suzy Spring Summer 2014/2015 collection - review


I bought these ages ago but only opened them just before Christmas. Since I'm on a no buy, I've been saving the unopened products I have to keep myself going.

As you may know I'm a humongous fan of SS lipsticks - they're my HG lip products, along with Lime Crime's lipsticks - and while the SS lippies this season are just as good formula-wise as those from the Autumn Winter 2014 collection, I have to say that I preferred last season's colours (see reviews here and here).

Last season's shades ended up being more wearable for me and they're colours I'm more likely to reach for on a daily basis. But that's of course just personal preference, and it doesn't change my love for the SS brand.

*L-R: Miss Olivia Apricot, Miss Christina Neon Guava, Miss Ally Amethyst and Miss Bree Pink Blush

I had only meant to buy two of these (the orange and the purple - surprise surprise), but you can usually find a 'buy three, get one free' deal for SS lipsticks (see eg the Shanghai Suzy website and note their shipping is cheaper than most) and I decided that was the better value option.

If I had my time again, I would probably stick to just the orange and purple because the pinker shades don't look as good on me as they do on other bloggers whose photos I'd stalked prior to purchasing.

Anyhoo. At $12.95 each, I'm not too upset about that ; )

Shanghai Suzy claims/product details:
  • Thick and creamy matte formula that's long-lasting and won’t budge when challenged (colours can be matte or nourish formulas)
  • Super pigmented
  • Contains moisturising agents to prevent that typical matte dryness
  • Colours are limited edition
  • Long-lasting hydration
  • Bubblegum scent
  • RRP $12.95

*L-R: Miss Olivia Apricot, Miss Christina Neon Guava, Miss Ally Amethyst and Miss Bree Pink Blush

About Shanghai Suzy

I thought I'd rehash just a little about the brand in case you haven't heard of it.

Launched in August 2013, SS was founded by Melbourne model and former cosmetics marketing exec Joanna Wheaton. It's a lipstick-only cosmetics brand housing a bold and bright range of lipsticks; each colour is limited edition and a new on-trend range is delivered every season.

Tired of paying $30 or more for fashion lipsticks that she would only wear a few times, Joanna saw a gap in the market for affordable, on-trend lipsticks that delivered in terms of pigment, formula, colour and packaging – and so Shanghai Suzy was born.

SS lipsticks are not tested on animals and contain no animal-derived ingredients. For more information, see the Shanghai Suzy website.

See below lip swatches, left to right: Miss Olivia Apricot, Miss Christina Neon Guava, Miss Ally Amethyst and Miss Bree Pink Blush.

Miss Olivia Apricot is in the nourish formula, which I haven't tried before. All the others are matte.

Miss Olivia Apricot below. Unfortunately this isn't quite the orange I'd hoped for - it's a little muted and flat on me for some reason. Don't discount it, however: I've seen it look better on others. It just makes me look a bit sallow or something.

On the nourish formula: I really love it. It's super creamy but somehow the lipstick stays put, unlike most creamy lipsticks. I'm amazed! It's a formula I really love wearing.

Here's Miss Cristina Neon Guava. It's one of those brights that my husband really hates but that I like wearing on days when I need a lift. It's a decent colour, I just much preferred Miss Sarah-Jane Neon Coral and Miss Sally Watermelon from last season, and if I want a bright lipstick, I'll reach for one of those over this one.

You may have read that I love crazy purple lipstick. No idea why, I just do - and for some reason I can get away with it (unlike most reds and many pinks, which look rubbish on me).

Unfortunately Miss Ally Amethyst (below) is totally the wrong purple on me. It's too cold and plastic-looking or something. I can't quite explain it. I'd hoped it would be more like the Sportsgirl purple lipstick I love the bejesus out of, but unfortunately it's not - even though they look pretty close in theory. I think this one's a little paler and it, too, makes me look a bit sallow. I think it would look better on lasses with paler skin.

Here's Miss Bree Pink Blush. This was the last lipstick I chose and I'm now wishing I'd bought Miss Leah Baby Cocoa because I can't see myself wearing this much at all. Again, I think it would work better on paler lasses. Hoh well!


Colours aside, I still love the pants off these lipsticks.

Seriously, they're sensational. Amazing formula, excellent lasting power and wonderful colours. And for only $12.95 each, my golly! Honestly, these lipsticks far outperform any other I've tried (except Lime Crime lipsticks, which are on par) - and they're some of the cheapest on the market. Praise the universe that this brand was created!

These lipsticks are fast becoming the only ones I wear - they're that good. The colour issues in this batch are my fault really: I should have gone out and tested them first. I guess the shades from last season were so good on my colouring that I thought I'd be ok. Silly me. No colours suit everyone all the time and you really do need to try them wherever you can. I need to stop being so lazy ; ) The good news is that I can mix the colours I own so I'll still use them and have fun creating shades in the process.

SS lipsticks remain the best formula I've found in lipsticks so far. They feel and look gorgeous. They last. They live up to their claims. They're smashing to wear. They're cheap, and they're home grown.

What's not to love?!

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