Mise En Scene 2x Curling Essence - review


We received this hair treatment in Memebox Special #61 Volume Up! It was a pretty hit-and-miss box and unfortunately this was one of the misses.

I'd had high hopes for this product because my hair is dry and damaged and this sounded like it would address that (damn tall claims). Not to be!

Mise En Scene claims/product details:
  • A nourishing leave-in treatment that rejuvenates dry, damaged hair 
  • Boosts volume and shine
  • Enriched with argan oil and cedar wood oil, this two-in-one hair essence provides deep nutrition and helps define your curls all at once
  • Instantly makes your sagging curls bounce with lustre and elasticity
  • To use: apply on towel-dried or blow-dried hair and leave in
  • RRP $12 for 150ml


Unfortunately this is pretty crap. I reckon it's hard to do hair treatments like this one well, but it's also hard to stuff them up - and this one's a stuff up.

All it seems to do is weigh my hair down and make it look dull, without doing anything in terms of moisturisation and shine. Maybe it makes it look a bit thicker because it chucks a dull coat over the hair, but really there's not much going on with this to comment on.

One thing I'll say (and I've experienced this issue with Memebox before) is that the product card talked about this product being for dry and damaged hair, but in a previous box it was described as a product to define your curls (which makes more sense, given the product's name). I'm not saying the product can't be designed to do both, I'm saying that Memebox needs to give us complete and accurate information each time - particularly because it's often hard to find English information online when it comes to Memebox products. In the past I've even found myself in the situation where the same product was given different usage instructions in two different boxes. I didn't know this until the product wasn't doing what it was meant to and I had to search for more details. I've also had to contact Memebox a couple of times when it wasn't clear what a product was for and how to use it. Bloody annoying.

In terms of claims, I don't think it hydrates my hair particularly well, nor does it define curls (and my hair does tend towards curly and the right product can boost the curl factor). Really, it doesn't do anything it's meant to, in my opinion.

After playing around with this quite a bit, it's now destined for the shower to be used as a hair treatment, which is what I do with products like this one that I don't think much of: they often seem to work well enough as treatments and it's a way of getting through them.


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