Enesti Ultra Volume Mascara - review


I received this mascara in Memebox Special #61 Volume Up!, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by it because I'm not easy to please in the mascara department, plus Memebox hasn't impressed me that much for a while.

I've just realised that this will be my first ever post on a mascara. Well I never. That's probably because I'm aware of the shortcomings in my photography and thought it'd be too hard to get good lash photos happening. Anyhoo, I've given it a crack.

The key to a decent mascara is, to me, the brush - almost more so than the formula itself. And this brush is a good one.

I think because I have puffy eyes (which make mascara and liner application a bloody nightmare), the brush becomes even more important. So many times I've wound up with brushes that seem impossible to use and leave me with black splodges all over my eye area, no matter what I do. Thankfully, this brush is spot on.

Enesti claims/product details:
  • A volumising mascara that delivers pumped-up, glamorous lashes
  • Enriched with vitamin e
  • Streamlined brush makes your lashes rich and curvy
  • Brush allows application even in the hard-to-reach inner and outer corners of the eyes
  • Extends and coats lashes
  • Clump free; smudge free
  • RRP $9 for 7ml

Here's me and my not-very-long natural lashes:

Here I am with the product on. Perhaps not the best mascara application I've ever done, but it serves the purpose of showing you there's some definite lengthening action happening. There's thickening action too, but the lengthening is what I'm after.


I'm loving this. As mentioned, I'm mainly loving it because of the brush but the formula is decent too.

As for claims, yes it's smudge proof and yes it extends and plumps your lashes. Obviously I agree about the claims relating to the brush - it's a good one and allows easy, thorough application.

The packaging of this product is pretty damn ugly, but that's neither here nor there of course - just sayin' ; )

I've found also that this product is water resistant but comes off easily enough with warm water and cleanser in the shower. So that's another plus - there's little worse than mascara that either runs with the first drop of rain or is impossible to remove with anything short of turps.

Ticks from me. I wouldn't go out and buy it, but that's mainly because of availability in Australia. If you could get it in pharmacies/supermarkets here at a decent price, it'd definitely be on my list.

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