ASAP CC Cream SPF 15 - review


I received two of these little 5ml samples as a gift with purchase and that's more than enough product to know that I don't like this CC cream. At all.

Indeed, it's one of the worst products I've ever used on my face and I won't finish the samples as they're meant to be used - I might use them on my shoulders in summer for the sun protection factor just so they don't go to waste (this product is so sheer that I won't look like I've put makeup on my body!), but I really have no use for them otherwise.

Asap claims/product details:
  • Light textured, hydrating formulation 
  • Leaves skin with a light tint and a natural, flawless finish 
  • Prevents premature ageing
  • Instantly brightens dull skin, diminishes redness and promote a fresh, radiant complexion 
  • Light reflecting, natural minerals blend easily into skin, providing smooth, even coverage and beautiful luminosity
  • Contains antioxidants, white tea and pomegranate, to help reduce free radical damage and promote radiant, healthy looking skin
  • SPF15 broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays 
  • May be worn alone or under makeup
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • To use: apply in the morning; gently massage into the skin using a circular motion; avoid contact with eyes
  • RRP $55 AUD for 75ml

Above I've left an unblended blob on the left, a partially blended one in the middle and I've blended it out on the right.

Below I've rubbed the whole lot in: you can see that it's very sheer. So sheer that it offers no coverage so I'm not really sure what the point of this product is.

Note: I made the decision not to include a photo wearing the product on my face, the reason being that you can't actually see it because it's almost the same colour as my face (unlike my wrist, which is paler) and it offers nothing in the way of coverage so there's no point.

I did try taking a before and after shot but you couldn't tell the difference, so the wrist swatches are better indicators of the product in this instance.


This is easily one of the worst CC creams I've tried and I wouldn't go near it again.

First and foremost, Asap wasn't kidding when it said to 'avoid contact with eyes'. I didn't put this cream in my eyes of course but I did put a little underneath them for sun protection. The effect was instantaneous: my eyes stung and watered non-stop for half an hour. In the end I had to wash my entire face to stop them stinging and watering.

Even when I used this product a second/third time and gave my eye area a wide berth, my eyes still stung a bit so there must be something in this that's causing them to react. Never before have I had this issue with a base product - and I use plenty that contain sunscreen - so it makes me worry about what's in this.

Leaving the eye issue aside, this isn't a good product anyway. It's insanely greasy so my face looks like an oil slick after using it, and I have dry skin so this rarely happens to me - even with dedicated sunscreen products - so it must be pretty bad. I can't imagine what it would be like for someone with oily skin!

It doesn't absorb well and I need to powder my face after using it (I don't normally need to do this with base products) and it clings to the powder so I apply too much and end up looking dry and chalked, and wind up with wrinkles I never knew I had.

Also, the coverage it offers is non-existent. It tints your skin and that's all. You can see that in the above swatches - it sheers out so it does nothing in terms of evening out skintone or covering imperfections, and I prefer lighter bases so I'm used to tinted moisturisers and BB/CC creams that are light on coverage, but this gives me nothing. As mentioned above, that's why I haven't included a shot of my face: this product is a similar colour to my face (unlike my wrist) so you can't even see it. All you can see is the oil.

In sum, this is a terrible product and I don't think it meets any of its claims - except for the one saying it contains sunscreen (and it doesn't even contain a high SPF). I would avoid this like the proverbial plague, especially if you have sensitive skin or eyes.


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