Starlooks Satin Finish Lip Gloss in Cuddle - review and swatches


We received this little lip gloss in June's Violet Box (reviewed here). I go through lip glosses ridiculously quickly so I'm always pleased to receive more, particularly when I like them.

Happily I do like this one, although it's not something I would rush out and buy because $14 is a lot to pay for a gloss this size.

Starlooks claims/product details:
  • A non-stick, moisturising formula with an exotic vanilla scent 
  • Creamy, glassy and long-lasting 
  • Adds a glistening effect to any look 
  • Available in 47 different shades; tint ranges from sheer to opaque, and finish ranges from shimmer to satin 
  • Designed to be worn alone or in combination with other Starlooks lip products for a truly customisable finish 
  • Comes beautifully packaged in a translucent tube with a doe foot applicator 
  • RRP $14 
There's what it looks like:

As you can see, it's pretty sheer. On my lips it doesn't add anything in terms of colour, just gives a nice sheen.

Below I've coloured my lips with a pink liner and put the gloss over the top:


I do like this gloss, and it's one I would consider buying if it didn't cost $14 for such a small tube.

I like the so-called exotic vanilla scent because it's not overpowering but it's pleasant without being too vanilla-sweet.

The gloss itself has a great texture and, while it is a little sticky (so I don't agree with the non-sticky claim), it's sticky in a good way because it adheres well and lasts a lot longer than many other glosses I own.

The colour is a kind of coppery rose gold but it winds up looking sheer because it's not very pigmented. I personally don't mind that because I have enough coloured lip products and it's nice to have something that I can wear over lipstick without affecting the colour, just adding a nice bit of depth and dimension.

On the product claims I haven't mentioned yet: it is moisturising and my dry lips are loving it; it does work well when paired with a coloured product underneath (some glosses don't because they can shift them - this doesn't); and I think it is quite creamy and it does add a glistening effect.

All in all, I really like this gloss and I'm glad I received it, but I won't be buying more of these unless I can get them for half price or less.

Ticks from me.

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