Croquis Dual Concealer in 02 - review


I received this concealer in Memebox Superbox #70 Thumbs Up! Bloggers' Picks, which was one of those boxes that looked really good when I opened it but ended up being quite shite. I only liked three of the seven products. Fortunately, this is one of them.

Nevertheless, this product has taken me a while to perfect when it comes to using it, and even then there are no guarantees and I'm liable to get it wrong.

What this means of course is that I've preferred reaching for easier products, so it's been sitting around for a while and for a long time I only used it occasionally.

At the beginning of June, I dusted it off and have been alternating it with the Bodyography concealer I've reviewed recently (see here), because it made sense to use them at the same time so I could compare them. 

While I think this is a pretty good concealer, the Bodyography one is better overall because it doesn't crease. Plus this one is too light and cool-toned for me. More on all that below.

Croquis claims/product details:
  • Contains an anti-wrinkle concealer (the lighter side) and a spot concealer (the darker side)
  • Use the anti-wrinkle concealer over areas with fine lines and wrinkles
  • Apply the spot concealer over red spots and breakouts/imperfections
  • Can also be used on the go to add extra coverage when needed needed or to manage redness or makeup smudges around your eyes
  • RRP $27 USD for 8.1g, but do shop around

The lighter side comes with a brush applicator and it's sheerer and creamier than the darker side, which comes with a doe-foot applicator and delivers a decent punch of coverage - too much for my liking, in fact. But at least I can sheer it out (with some work when it comes to blending).

Indeed, the darker side is the one that I often bugger up: it's all too easy to apply too much, so you end up looking like you've got paint on your face and have to work quickly to remove some with your fingers and/or blend it out, since it dries down quickly and can be quite hard to blend if you're not fast enough.

Above is my bare eye for reference.

Below I've applied the lighter colour on the inner corner and to the bags under my eyes, and I've whacked the darker colour under the lower lashline, travelling downwards and outwards. You can see that it creases and emphasises fine lines.

There's another shot below. I've attempted to show how it can look a little paint-like if you're not careful and accidentally apply too much. There's a rim under my eye (just below the lashline) that looks particularly unnatural.


I was super excited when I saw the Croquis box in this pack. I received the Croquis Alight Pact in another Memebox and love it to bits, so I had high hopes for this product. Plus I think the packaging is classy so in my head this was a good product before I even opened it.

At first I thought it was pretty rubbish. Both sides are very runny (the darker side slightly thicker) and can be a little hard to use because they can slip off the area you've applied them to, but after having played around with the product some more, if you apply the right amount - not too little and not too much - it actually conceals pretty well. 

I prefer the lighter side (that's the anti-wrinkle concealer) because it's thinner, sheerer and more dewy, plus it spreads and blends better and I have more use for it. I not only put it under my eyes (not too much because it's too pale for me), but it also works as a spot highlighter. It makes my skin look brighter and fresher, provided I use a light hand so the pale colour doesn't show up too much on my medium skin.

The darker side (that's the spot concealer) is too high coverage for me and it's hard to strike the right balance between applying too little (so it conceals nothing) and overdoing it (so it looks like paint). It's also a bad colour for me because it's too cool and grey, and if I apply too much, you can totally see it and it looks rubbish.

When I get the right balance, however - which does take some work - this isn't a bad little concealer and I will use it. As mentioned above, my main issue with the product (other than that it takes a bit of work to get right and blend) is that the darker side creases almost immediately and keeps doing so throughout the day, so it emphasises lines and I keep having to run my finger along it to smooth it out. I have this issue with many concealers, but I do have two better products on the go at the moment that don't do this, so I'm more likely to reach for those.

Also, the lasting power of this product isn't great (particularly the paler side) and I need a second application after lunch. It does fare a little better if you set it with a powder, but again, I have better products that last longer to choose from, so this is one I'm making myself use (indeed, it's probably destined for Project Pan soon enough).

In sum, this is a pretty good product but it's not wonderful. I think if you had paler/cooler skin and were younger than me (so no wrinkles or fine lines), you might really love this.

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