Hair & Me Hair Rejuvenation Treatment - review


This hair treatment arrived in May's Violet Box and I was excited about it at the time because I don't have a lot of haircare in stock and I definitely needed something nourishing like this for my dry hair.

Unfortunately I don't think this is a great treatment and while I've finally managed to get it to work for me well enough, it took a few goes and even now it's not a given that my hair will be better for using it.

Hair & Me claims/product details:
  • A 100% organic oil-based product that uses coconut, macadamia, jojoba and almond oils
  • Designed to help repair, moisturise and strengthen your hair and scalp
  • Also helps rejuvenate and restore hair
  • To use: apply to damp hair, covering roots to ends; leave for a minimum of 45 minutes; rinse well, then shampoo twice thoroughly and condition as normal
  • RRP $19.95 AUD for 90ml


100% raw certified organic extra virgin Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Prunus Amygdalua Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Macadamia Integrifolia (Macadamia) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba) Oil

The product comes out as a thick, lemon coloured oil but then melts once applied and looks like this:


I didn't like this on the first three goes because it somehow made my dry ends drier, and the rest of my hair dull and greasy. I'm not sure why it did that (I wasn't applying any more than I do now) but I was ready to give it away because it wasn't agreeing with my hair at all.

Then I finished off the shampoo and conditioner I was using, and the ones I'm using now seem to pair better with this treatment because I'm not having the same issue. I don't think it does a hell of a lot for my hair, but it no longer makes it dry/greasy in parts and I think it does have some beneficial impact. My hair does feel softer after using it, but it also feels a bit coated so it's not one I'll use often because it reduces the time between washes and I'm lazy.

With dry hair like mine, hair treatments like this will never go astray but I'm not sold on this one and I've used plenty that do a much better job of making my hair feel nicer and more nourished without weighing it down. Also, this one's temperamental to use (I'm talking about the issues I had with it to begin with) and it's annoying to have to leave it on for 45 minutes. I just want something I can leave on for a bit while I shower and then wash off.

In sum, I don't think this is a great product and I think you can do much better. There aren't many reviews about this treatment online but I have seen in the Facebook Violet Box swap group that this product has mixed reviews.

Test it before buying if you can.

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