Real Techniques Duo Fiber Face Brush - review


This is the last brush I have left to review from its three-brush set, and after that I'll do a round-up post of the set as a whole.

If you want to see my reviews of the eye brush and contour brush from the kit, see here and here respectively.

Each brush in the set has longer, sparser bristles (the paler ones above) and shorter ones that are more dense (the black ones). The brushes are designed this way so they pick up less product, meaning you're unlikely to apply too much - this is particularly useful when it comes to powders that are very pigmented.

The face brush has a wider side and a narrower one - see above and below photos. I tend to use the wider side as an all-over face brush and sometimes use the thinner edge as a blush brush if I feel that my regular blush brush is too dense and will apply too much product.

Real Techniques claims/product details:
  • Create buildable colour and add texture to look pixel perfect for any occasion and in any light
  • The duo fiber face brush is for lightweight application
  • A true multitasker: duo-fiber bristles work with cream, liquid or powder for an unbelievably air-brushed finish
  • Ultra-plush, synthetic bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free
  • Extended aluminium handles are light and easy to use
  • RRP $55 AUD for the three-brush set, but do shop around (I paid around $30)


I use the contour brush from this set the most, but this one is a close second. My skin is dry, and if I use a mineral foundation or setting powder, I only want to use the smallest amount because any more than this can exacerbate that dryness and give me lines I never knew I had.

This brush is great for applying a fine layer of powder and I use it a few times a week at least, on days when I need to refresh my makeup or set it with something that will extend its wear-time.

As with the other brushes in this set, if you're expecting these brushes to apply your makeup quickly and with impact, you'll be disappointed. As mentioned, these are best for applying a very fine layer of colour and therefore they won't suit everyone for all purposes.

What's good about this face brush is that you can use the thinner side to apply your blush if you're in a pinch or need something that isn't going to pick up too much colour. I wouldn't use this brush however for very sheer powders because it takes too long to apply colour, nor would I use it for loose powders because I struggle to pick up a small amount of product (the powder gets caught between the longer bristles because they're too sparsely packed).

What it is good for however is pressed powders that are a little on the soft side, because it won't kick up too much product if you use it lightly, whereas denser brushes might.

I'm also not sure how you would use this brush (or any other in the set) for cream or liquid products because I think the long bristles are too sparse and blending would be a nightmare. I'm only putting a question mark over that however because I use my fingers for creams and liquids so I haven't tried these brushes for that purpose.

I've had this set for a while now and the brushes are yet to shed or lose their shape, although the white bristles have been dyed (that's why they look brown in the above photos) and I can't seem to wash the colour off, no matter what products I use to clean them.

In sum, I do like this brush but I don't think that it - or any other in this set - is essential, and you're better off starting with the core Real Techniques range if you don't already have an armoury of brushes in your collection.

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