Teeez Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner in Black Onyx - review


I received this product ages ago in a subscription box but haven't been using it because I don't wear black eyeliner: I opt for a dark shadow to line the outer edges of my upper lashline (smudged and pulled up at the wing) and a mid-brown shadow to line my lower waterline, since this gives me a natural look and you can't really tell that I've lined my eyes.

But I've recently dusted this product off because it's one of the best eyeliners I've ever used - indeed, it may be the best one - and I wanted to give it another crack to see if it could convert me.

While I'll still rarely use it (and likely only at night), I was once again surprised by how good this product is so I'm glad I've rediscovered it.

Teeez claims/product details:
  • Delivering the perfect sweep, wing or line, our super long-lasting eyeliner stays put from dawn to dusk
  • Eyes are set to sparkle thanks to the liner’s pearl particles that create a lustrous metallic effect; includes added micro glitter (the colour of which differs for every shade)
  • Creamy formula takes 45 seconds to dry, giving you ample time to play with the diffuser to create that sensual, smoky effect should the mood take you
  • Once dry, this waterproof liner stays put, come rain or shine
  • Available in the Violet Box shop
  • RRP $28

As you can see above, the liner is a twist-top arrangement rather than a pencil, which means no sharpening (huzzah!). At first I thought this might make it hard to get a really thin line from it, but I haven't found this in practice (see the eye shots below).

It also has a smudge stick on the end that I didn't think I would use, but I have been and I like how it softens the line so I'll probably keep using it.

There's the colour above. As soon as I drew the line, I smudged the right end - so yes, the product does give you some time before drying so that you can play around with it and blend/smudge it before it dries.

I then waited for a bit (maybe 30 seconds) and gave the line a hard rub all over. It's still there! It might look a little fainter, but it held fast. Yay!

I've lined my upper lashline below and done a little wing, then smudged it. You can barely tell I've got it on, which is what I want from a black eyeliner. It just adds some definition without announcing itself as an eyeliner (but mental note not to wear that eyeshadow again - it creases!).

Below I've made the line thicker before smudging it, so you can see it better. It still looks quite natural but it's stronger - I would do it this way at night.


If you read this blog, you'll know that I find eyeliner notoriously difficult due to my puffy upper eye area and the rubbing that happens constantly. This means that lesser eyeliners shift immediately and deposit themselves both on my upper eye area and beneath my eyes, where they've slipped off. Not once have I had that issue with this eyeliner - waaahhhoooooo!

I'm also glad that the product gives you a short time before drying to allow you to smudge it so the line isn't too severe. I'm not sure whether it takes 45 seconds to dry (I haven't timed it), but that sounds about right.

Flecks of blue micro glitter are in this product but you can't really see them, so that's a plus for me because I'm not big on noticeable glitter. I imagine they only show up on the face occasionally when you're in the right light, so if you're not big on glitter either, don't discount this product for the glitter factor alone.

I love that you don't have to sharpen this, and also that I can get a really fine line from it - so don't be fooled by the width of the tip because you can manage the thickness of any line you create.

On the product claims, I reckon it lives up to all of them - which is so rare when it comes to eyeliners in my experience because they all say they don't budge and most of them do.

This doesn't. I've given it an HG tag.

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