L'Occitane Extra Gentle Verbena Soap with Shea Butter - review


I've only just decided to start writing full reviews of soaps on this blog.

I haven't done this before because I'm not a soap user and generally prefer body gels and scrubs, so I give the soaps to my husband and he uses them.

However, I've still trialled all the soaps lying in the shower so I can include them in my empties posts or sub box reviews, and I've used enough soaps now (always received in subscription boxes) that I feel I can start writing them up.

This particular soap I've received at least twice now. Like L'Occitane's popular hand cream, it's one of those products that keeps turning up.

It's a lovely product, it's just that I've yet to find a soap that's amazing enough to convert me to a soap user. And this hasn't done that.

L'Occitane claims/product details:
  • Formulated with a 100% vegetable base and enriched with shea butter, which has nourishing properties
  • Gentle enough for daily use
  • Non-irritating; suitable for men, women and children
  • Available in the fragrances: cinnamon-orange, madreselva, milk, lavender and verbena
  • Made in France
  • To use: on damp skin, create a soft foam by rubbing the soap in between your palms; gently massage the soap onto your skin; rinse
  • RRP $8.50 AUD for 100g

L'Occitane also has some tips on its website:
  • Use a natural and traditional way of fragrancing your clothes by putting soap in your drawers and wardrobes
  • Use soap to clean your makeup brushes: wet a cloth and rub some soap onto it, then swipe the brushes back and forth on the cloth until clean; rinse thoroughly
  • For those who enjoy gardening, put several pieces of soap in a stocking, tie a knot, and hang it near your outside tap; that way, you'll always have your soap on hand
  • To allow your drawers to open and close easily, rub dry soap onto the drawer slides; maintaining this practice will allow for easy movement and will prevent the drawers from getting stuck

Some good ideas there! I might have to start using soap to clean my brushes, and I like the drawer idea too.


This is definitely one of the better soaps I've used, for a few reasons.

First, while it's on the pricey side, it does last longer than your average soap so it adds value in that way alone.

Second, it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin or dry it out. The drying thing is a common problem I've found with soaps and it's one of the reasons why I prefer body gels. While I still prefer the feeling of a body wash or scrub against my skin, this is nice enough and I don't mind using it.

Third, this cleans well. I've found that the best way to use it - at least for me - is to rub it over my shower mitt and apply it that way. (I guess that makes me fool myself into believing it's more of a gel.) My husband prefers the direct method of rubbing it onto his skin, but both methods give you a nice lather that feels like it's doing its job well. I've had lather-issues (if there be such a thing ; ) ) with many soaps, so it's nice to see that this one foams up well, adding to its value in my opinion.

Fourth, the lather is soft and creamy and doesn't strip the skin. As mentioned above, I have sensitive skin so I need to be careful what I use. I hate that tight feeling left by many soaps, and this doesn't cause that - another plus.

Finally, the scent. I'm a huge fan of lemony verbena, so I'm glad I've received this particular fragrance twice. While the smell isn't overpowering and doesn't linger, it's strong and lovely enough that it adds to the experience of using it.

In sum, this is a great little soap. While on the pricey side, I think it's worth it. I'll have to consider soap next time I travel and need to cut down on liquids. I also might start using soap for my makeup brushes (previously I've been using shampoo) and see how it goes.

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