Mitsura Kabuki Brush - review


We're in a bit of disarray at the moment because we've moved out of our house and into my parents' house while they're overseas, since we need something larger now that my husband and I have a dog and a baby.

I promised myself that I would use this brief period of dislocation to really clear out our stores. While we did migrate to Berlin and back less than two years ago - meaning our stuff has already been weeded out quite a lot - there's still more I can turf so I'm working on that as we speak.

Part of that process involves finishing off any beauty products that have been open for a while (so I'm stopping myself from opening fun new stuff for the time being), and I'm also using this time to go through my draft posts and write those reviews that have been sitting there for ages.

This isn't actually one of those reviews because this brush is relatively new, but each day I've been focusing on using products that I've already taken photos for, and this is one of them. I hope to see a dwindling supply of draft posts by the end of this month, since I had close to fifty there for a while and I would rather clean out the draft file as opposed to creating new drafts.

Anyhoo. This kabuki! Ahem ; )

We received this brush in May 2015's Violet Box (reviewed here), and I liked it enough to pick up another one in my VB build-a-box, which should hopefully arrive today.

This was the sneak peek item for May's box and I was happy to see it. It's true that you can never have too many brushes, and I certainly don't have too many.

I am however quite good at trying to get too many, and I did pick a second brush from another brand as part of the build-a-box promotion. As far as I'm concerned, those two brushes make up the $25 value of the box because I'll use them and I 'needed' them much more than I did anything else I could have chosen.

Mitsura claims/product details:
  • Made of ultra-luxurious and densely packed synthetic bristles 
  • Our best-selling brush provides moderate to full coverage all over
  • Because it has no handle, it's easy to hold in the palm of your hand 
  • Helps you create contours on the face
  • When used to buff in a circular motion, this multi-tasking brush leaves behind an airbrushed finish every time
  • May be used on face and body
  • Synthetic hair is odourless, cruelty-free and durable
  • RRP $14.95


First, this isn't a contour brush - I guess 'contour' is a buzz word right now so companies are throwing the term about. If you tried contouring with this you'd struggle I reckon.

Second, I've no idea how you'd hold this in the palm of your hand: what an awkward way to use a brush! I suspect everyone uses their fingers to hold this, as they would for any other brush.

That aside, this is a beautifully soft brush and I'm loving it. I just used it to apply some powder and it worked well and I liked the feel of it on my face: some brushes are too hard and I don't enjoy using them, but this one feels really nice. 

After the first time I used this, it went straight to the bathroom cabinet and since then I've used it every day. Win!

I reckon some people might have issues with how soft it is (meaning it can pick up far too much powder, especially when it comes to loose powders), but I use it for my sheerer, harder powders and it's great for those. 

As mentioned above, I like this enough that I picked up a second and I'll no doubt get just as much use from the back up because it's also a good blending and buffing brush, so I can keep one for my setting powder and use the other for different things like softening any harsh lines left after applying my blush.

Decent. And well-priced.

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