Woolworths Select Quick & Easy Nail Polish 30 Removal Wipes - review


I received these wipes in Marie Claire's Winter Edit of The Parcel (reviewed here). While I was glad to receive them because I didn't have any back up for the Manicare wipes I have on the go, I also didn't expect too much from them because they're, you know, from Woolworths.

I'm not a beauty snob (not by a long shot!) but I don't think brand's like this should be turning up in subscription boxes like The Parcel. That's just personal opinion of course but I expect a level higher.

Anyhoo. At least they work.

Woolworths Select claims/product details:
  • Free from acetone
  • Scented with aloe vera
  • Shelf-life after opening: 6 months
  • To use: wipe each nail to remove polish; close lid tightly after use to prevent moisture loss
  • RRP $2 for 30 wipes


At first I thought these didn't work at all, but when I held them on each nail for a while before doing the wiping thing, they started to work pretty well. As you can see above, they've removed the polish from those two nails and I was able to use one pad for the whole hand.

They definitely smell like aloe vera and they're not irritating - just quite oily so they do leave a residue behind.

As compared to my favourite Manicare polish remover pads (reviewed here), the Manicare ones are much better but I will use these, so that's a plus.

Even though the Manicare ones are more expensive - they RRP at $4.95 if you can't get them on special - they work out being better value, so don't be fooled by a price tag comparison. The Manicare ones easily remove polish from all ten nails of the hands, and I've even managed to do my toes as well (so 20 nails) with the one pad when I was using a paler polish.

These pads do one hand ok, but by the time you hit the sixth nail, the flimsy pad is on its last legs (it starts falling apart) and I could only remove part of the polish from the sixth nail, so you get less bang for your buck.

In sum, these are fine for the price but you're better off forking out a few extra dollars for the Manicare versions because they work out more cheaply anyway, when you consider how many pads you'll need on a per-use basis.


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