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It was easier than usual to pick this round of 'now playing' products: we're in the process of moving so I reached for things I could lay my hands on straight away, rather than ummming and ahhhing when I had my whole collection before me.

I also wanted to pick products that I haven't reviewed, so three of the below products I haven't posted on and I'll use the next couple of weeks of playing to write those reviews.

ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder in 02 Peach Bellini

I moved this one into circulation so I can work out whether or not to keep it. It's a great colour, it's just that I have better quality blushes on hand and so I've been reaching for those instead and had all but forgotten about this one. I've reviewed it here, but note I need to review it again and post some less embarrassing photos ; ).

I've just tried it on again and while it's exactly my colour, it does tend to emphasise pores and it's quite grainy (you can see that in the above shot). So what I'll do is see if I can put better products over and under it (to manage the pore issue) and hopefully make it look better.

If not, I'll look out for something similar before eventually either turfing it or moving it to Project Pan.

Macro Lash Fibre and Mascara Kit

I got this fibre lash kit from Lust Have It ages ago and I have used this product before, but I had a back up because I'd received a second by accident (yay!).

I opened it a month ago but I've been favouring my normal mascara because adding the fibres is an extra step and I'm time-poor (aren't we all).

I decided to include it here so I would actually use it since mascaras don't last as long as most other beauty products and I don't want it to sit there going rancid while I move on to other (faster) products. Plus I need to review it. I remember there being an issue with this one because the black fibres kept shedding throughout the day and leaving me with fluff around my eyes, but I tried it yesterday and used a different mascara as a top coat (only using the included mascara as the initial 'glue'), so maybe that's the solution.

I'll have a play around and find out.

Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Isolde

This is one of four Nars duos I own and it's the only one I'm yet to review, so I'd like to do that over the next couple of weeks.

It's also the Nars duo I use the least because of the glitter factor: as you may know, too much shimmer is something I avoid because it highlights my puffy upper eye area, so I can only use this product on my (rather short) eyelids. 

The problem then is that shimmer eyeshadows like this one transfer immediately to said puffy eye area: in most cases, even with a good primer. I'd hoped for more from a Nars shadow, but I suppose even the greats can't avoid that problem when you have eyes like mine (although I've found products that don't do this - even powders. Just sayin' ; ) ).

What I hope to do over the next couple of weeks is find a way to really get this to adhere so the transferring issue is kept to a minimum.

If you're wondering why I bought this - knowing what I do about my puffy eyes - well, it's so damn pretty and I used a gift card to buy it (and gift cards aren't real money!).

Ilia Lipstick in Funnel of Love

From memory, this is my only lipstick purchase in the last 18 months or so that isn't of the Shanghai Suzy or Sportsgirl variety.

It's a gorgeous peachy coral colour, and one I always gravitate to when it comes to lip and cheek products. I opened it not long ago and it's high time I gave it a good trial run. 

I've included it here so I'll do that, and also so I'll review it. I'm really looking forward to playing with this one, and don't you love the Ilia packaging? I do. Apparently all Ilia products come with recycled aluminium packaging - and it looks really classy.

In sum

I'm pleased with my choices for this round of now playing and can't wait to give them all a good crack. Looks like I've opted for an orangey theme without realising, so the coloured products will hopefully play well together.

I'll check back in soon with an update on how I've gone with the products and anything new I've discovered about them, now that I've moved them back into circulation.

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