GHD Straight & Tame Cream - review


I received this product ages ago in Violet Box, I just haven't been using it because I've had other products to get through first, and I also haven't had as much use for it as I once did because it's hard to find the time to do things like straighten your hair when you have a young baby.

But I've recently finished off all those Memebox sample hair products I had in circulation, so it was time to move on to something bigger and better.

I must say that I'm glad I've brought this one back into use because it's quite good and it does the straight/tame thing nicely.

The only thing I would say about it is that it's not particularly hydrating - so I still need to use a hydrating product like an oil - but I don't mind that because I'm used to my hair needing a few different potions to look its best.

GHD Straight & Tame Cream - review
  • Take control of your tresses
  • Bring curly and rebellious hair under control with this luxurious taming cream
  • Calms, smooths, straightens and protects against heat damage with each application
  • Best for easy smoothing of thick, curly and rebellious hair
  • Light and non-sticky cream
  • Creates a sleek look when blow-drying
  • Contains the GHD heat protect system
  • To use: work three to five pumps (depending on length/thickness) evenly through damp hair before blow-drying
  • Style tip: tame and de-frizz hair throughout the day by working a little cream through your style
  • RRP $24 for 120ml


This is indeed a good hair straightening product and it's the one I reach for when we're going out: on days when I'm staying at home or running errands, I'm happy to use a 'lesser' hair product because I don't need my hair to look as straight and I'll usually have it back anyway so my daughter can't reach and pull it.

It's a white cream that's quite thick and can feel a little sticky at first, although the stickiness does dry down on your hair (but I do need to wash my hands after applying this one). It has a faint scent that reminds me of man's cologne, and it's pleasant and soft enough that I barely notice it and it doesn't linger on the hair.

Unfortunately I think this product does leave a film behind and reduces the time between washes because it coats the hair and can make it look a little dull. Do note that I think the suggested three to five pumps is too many: I would start with one if you have short hair and two if your hair is longer, since the pump top releases quite a bit of product (see photo above) and a little goes a long way with this one.

On the product claims, I think this cream does help bring rebellious hair under control, and it does smooth and straighten the hair when it comes to getting out your hot irons. I do think it has a protective element because it coats the hair, and while it's not the best frizz-reducing product I've used on those days after you've straightened your hair and the weather has caused it to curl up, but it's certainly one of the better products I've tried in that department.

One thing to note is that this doesn't leave your hair feeling soft and silky the way some products do - or at least, it doesn't for me. But it does perform the straightening function better than most, so if that's what you're after, then it's worth testing this product.

I like the packaging and it looks sleek and classy, but I think the pump top releases a little too much product each time: half the above amount would be better because you could build to your desired level of product, rather than winding up with too much.

The bottle should last a long time and I think it's good value, because you really only need a little to get your hair nice and straight.

In sum, this is a great straightening product and I'll definitely use it, I just wish it was a little more hydrating and didn't coat/weigh down my hair.

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