Bioré Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub - first impressions


This is going to be a first impressions post because I only used this product on my face three times before deciding that it just wasn't good for my skin. To be honest, I knew from the first use that I shouldn't be putting it on my face - but I took one for the proverbial team and used it a couple more times just so I could review it.

In short, I don't think this is good for your skin so I personally would steer well clear of it. Indeed, I even tried it on my body and found it too drying/astringent for that, so all I'm going to do with it now is use it for cleaning my makeup brushes: it does that well enough and none of my brushes are expensive so I'm not too concerned about what I use to clean them.

Let's have a look.

Bioré claims/product details:
  • A facial scrub that harnesses the power of baking soda
  • The concentrated powder scrub foams up on contact with water, gently exfoliating to deep cleanse the pores and break up oil and impurities
  • Gives you cleaner, smoother skin
  • The concentrated powder granules are activated in the palm of your hand 
  • For optimal results, use daily
  • Great for combination skin
  • To use: wet face; pump cleanser into hands and work into a foam; massage over entire face; rinse thoroughly
  • RRP $10.99 AUD for 125g, but do shop around

The product comes with a cap that flips open when you press that blue 'button' at the front. 

This is actually really handy and the packaging is the only thing I like about the product. I own other dry 'mix with water' products and I wish they all came like this because the button arrangement is much easier than fiddling with a cap or screw-top when your hands are all wet.

Indeed, I may keep the container and dispense something else into it when I've finished this.


Ok, so it's up to you to decide how 'thorough' this first impressions post is, given I only used it on my face three times, my body once, and now use it to clean my brushes. But a cleanser is a cleanser and you generally don't notice a cumulative effect from most of them over time (unlike eg a serum), so I do think it's worth writing this post.

It's a white powder and you can absolutely tell that it's full of baking soda because that's what it looks and feels like. It goes bonkers when you add water (I can hear a sizzle) and the scent isn't unlike baking soda but there's something tangy about it and perhaps a hint of lemon, which makes sense because the ingredients include limonene and citronellol.

Also included in the ingredients are menthol and fragrance, which might be partly why this feels irritating on my skin. Mostly, though, I think the product as whole isn't good for me: my skin feels really unhappy when I use it and it stings (not in a good way), so I can't tolerate it for long before having to wash it off. This is why I could only use it on my face three times. After use my skin feels stripped and unhappy, which is why I'm not using it again. 

Worth noting is that my body and hands are much less sensitive than my face, so when I've tried this on those they don't sting, but they do feel dry and stripped after use. Yes it's true that this product is designed for oily/combination skin and I'm dry, but I'd be really careful about using this cleanser. Remember that baking soda is used for cleaning (it's great for things like ovens and bathrooms/showers), so I'd keep that in mind before going to town with this on your face.

Also worth mentioning is that the tube and online directions come with a warning: 

'Avoid eye contact. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.
Do not apply to broken skin.
Discontinue use if rash or irritation occurs.
Keep out of reach of children.'

I don't know about you, but my cleansers often wind up in my eyes when I'm in the shower (maybe I'm just clumsy ; )), so best to have some that aren't going to cause irritation!

On a positive note, this works brilliantly as a cleaner for my makeup brushes. I just throw a bit in a cup with some water and it lifts all the gunk clean off them with very little effort from me. I don't think the whole brush-cleaning process has ever been easier!

But as mentioned above, I don't have expensive brushes and most of mine are quite old so I don't mind what I use on them - but if you have pricey brushes, you might want to avoid this in case it strips them. I must say, though, that my brushes don't seem to be suffering from this so I'm happy to keep using it until the product's all gone.

In sum, I'd avoid this one. I'm not convinced that it's a good thing to put on your face - whatever your skin type. Do let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree.

Speak soon x

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