Too Faced Hangover Primer - review and photos


This review has been a long time coming. 

I've had this product open for over five months now and it's also on my Project Pan list, so I've been using it daily for the last few months and I'm more than ready to review it.

I bought it because it was so hyped up and heaps of reviewers call it their HG primer: it's said to be super replenishing and hydrating, plus it apparently makes a good base for makeup. 

While I do think it feels replenishing when you apply it and it does make an ok base for makeup, I'm going out on a limb here and joining the few dissenting voices who say this isn't hydrating at all. Quite the opposite. 

Indeed, it leaves my skin feeling parched if I don't make sure I've whacked something heavy like an oil on underneath it. More on that below.

Too Faced claims/product details:
  • Got a beauty hangover? Our replenishing face primer is your instant cure
  • Hydrates, smooths and brightens skin for a dewy, healthy looking finish without excessive shine
  • A lightweight primer that nourishes, brightens and hydrates the skin all in one simple application
  • Makeup glides on smoothly and wear is extended
  • A revolutionary makeup primer infused with coconut water, probiotics and skin revivers that work together to boost skin’s radiance, promote elasticity and help hydrate while locking down makeup for fresher, longer and more flawless wear
  • Acts like an energy drink for the skin by replenishing moisture levels
  • Can be worn alone or underneath makeup to create the perfect canvas
  • RRP $46 AUD for 40ml


This isn't an awful product and I don't mind using it, but I've still given it a 'disappointing products' tag because I expected it to answer all my skin-prayers, given the hype. If I'd just used it without knowing how many people loved it, I probably wouldn't be calling it disappointing - but I am so there it is.

It's a white lotion that I'd call a cream/gel hybrid because it's so lightweight and it does feel cooling and replenishing when applied. It also has a very faint coconut scent that I quite enjoy but I'm only aware of the fragrance if I hold the product up to my nose, so I wouldn't automatically cross this off your list if you don't like scented products because you might be ok with it.

Even though I'm disappointed by this product, I do think it meets many of its claims: yes it smooths and brightens the skin (without excessive shine); yes it extends the wear of makeup a little (it has a tacky finish so that's likely why); yes it absolutely feels like you've given your skin an energy drink when you first apply it; and yes I do think it has a very slight (and very temporary) plumping effect too.

So why don't I love it? Because the product absolutely does not hydrate, moisturise or nourish my dry skin: indeed, the damn thing dries me out.

I was hoping this would be one of those primers that I could use over a serum in place of my moisturiser on days when I was in a rush, but after a few days of trying that, I realised I was sorely mistaken. If I don't wear something heavy underneath it, my skin feels super uncomfortable within a minute of applying this primer, and it stays feeling dry and parched all day.

On the days when I didn't throw a heavy moisturiser or oil on underneath this, my face ended up looking all wrinkled for the day - even after I put my tinted moisturiser on - and nothing could fix it. I think the tacky finish does help makeup adhere, but it also doesn't allow my tinted moisturiser to penetrate and plump my skin up like it usually would because it stops anything else going through and delivering moisture where I need it most.

I'm not sure why this product works so beautifully for some and not for others, but if there's any 'common theme' I've noticed, it's that the few who don't rate this product have dry skin like I do. Having said this, I've also seen a few lasses with dry skin say that it works for them, so that division isn't a given thing.

All in all, I think this is fine as a makeup primer and it does have some benefits - in particular it helps makeup stay put, given the tacky finish - but I can't recommend it because it doesn't hydrate my skin like I hoped it would.

I'll use it, but I definitely won't repurchase it.

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