Project Pan 2017 mini update #16


Hello all and welcome to my first Project Pan mini update for June!

As predicted, I finished off the above Clarins gloss a few days ago: once the product got to the point where I couldn't squeeze any more out, I cut it open and used the last bits as a foot 'cream' until it was gone. If I loved this, I might have gone in and used a lip brush to apply the remainders, but I don't so I didn't. 

There are my empties again:

You'll note that I haven't quite finished my Inika eyeliner: that's because I went to use it yesterday and my eyes stung and started running. They've never done that before with this product so I'm guessing it's turned - which doesn't surprise me because I've had it for ages, so it's time to send it packing. You don't want to mess with your eyes, that's for sure.

I did however make quite a bit of progress on the product this month. I mentioned in May's update that I was going to start using it as a product marker and also to write shopping lists (as well as on my upper waterline), and I started doing that so there's not much left and it's getting difficult to hold - meaning it's definitely 'finished' for the purposes of this project.

As for my replacements, I've picked two:

I wanted to bring in another lip product to replace the one I've just finished, and I also wanted to introduce another haircare item because I've got a few waiting to be opened and I'd like to reduce my stores.

So rather than picking things I don't love, I've picked two of my HG products for the simple reason that they're the oldest of their kind in my collection.

O&M Know Knott Conditioning Detangler

Full review here. This detangling spray is one of the few haircare items that's blown my socks off. Good haircare is hard to find, in my experience - although that's probably partly because my hair isn't easy to manage (it's dry, wavy and frizzy), and partly because I tend not to spend my pennies on haircare and save them instead for good skincare.

This product, however, is sensational. It was love from the first use and I've kept loving it, and I recently wound up with a travel-sized bottle from Malsow & Co so I don't mind getting through this one. Plus I've had it for a couple of years now so I need to get cracking.

There's about a third left in the bottle. I'm hoping to finish it within two months.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in 215 Totally Toffee

These Maybelline lipsticks are not only my favourite lipsticks from the chemist/drugstore, they're also my favourite lipsticks full stop. This one in Totally Toffee is a perfect nude brown shade that has enough life so it doesn't look flat. It's probably my favourite lipstick in my current collection.

However, I've had this since January last year and I've barely made a dent, and it's now the oldest lipstick I own so it's time to get through it. I'll probably end up replacing it, but not until I've got my collection down to more manageable levels. I expect this will last a couple of months, too.

In sum

Hooray for more empties! June is an important panning month for me because I'm due to write another makeup inventory post mid-year, so I'm sticking my head down and really focusing on moving out a good number of products.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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