Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm - review


I mentioned yesterday that I'm really behind on my posts because I've had a huge work project on for the last couple of weeks. What this means is that I haven't taken any of the photos I need to for my unboxing of the Parcel or my Project Pan/Pan that Palette updates, so I'm tied to writing posts on products I've already photographed for now. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to squeeze in some shots this weekend - but I'm not counting my chickens.

Anyhoo. One of the products I need to review sooner rather than later is this Carmex lip balm. Reason being, I've almost finished it so I'd rather review it while I still own it because that always helps with detail. 

In short, while I do quite like it and think it's a decent lip balm, I also think it's pretty expensive for what it is and you only get 2g of product, which for me means that it will last no more than six weeks of daily use.

Carmex claims/product details:
  • Ultra-hydrating lip balm
  • Most advanced moisturising formula from the Carmex® brand
  • Clear gloss finish
  • Includes vitamin e, aloe butter, shea butter and avocado butter to aid moisturisation of dry lips, helping to soften and heal them 
  • Contains SPF 15 sunscreen (UVA/UVB) 
  • Unique, stylish and slim stick with sleek slant tip for precise application
  • Keeps lips soft, smooth and beautiful
  • Use under or over colour or alone 
  • Non-addictive and not tested on animals
  • RRP $8.99 AUD for 2g


This is a decent product that does what it's meant to do and my lips feel better after using it daily for the last month. Before this I was mainly using Project Pan products (generally lipsticks) for hydration, and that wasn't working out too well for my lips so this balm has brought things back into balance.

First off, however, I need to comment on the price of this product. At full price in Australia, it retails for $8.99 AUD and you get 2g of product. By comparison, in the US it retails for $2.99 USD at full price, so essentially we're paying triple the amount - which is steep even by Australian standards. When it comes to Aussie pharmacy/drugstore prices, I'm used to seeing things for around double the US price: certainly not triple.

So in practice I don't think this is worth the price-tag. By comparison, a 4.2g tube of Blistex lip balm will cost you $3.99, or a 7g tub will cost $4.99. Stick with the Blistex, I say - or even a Chapstick ($4.69 AUD for 4.2g).

As for the product, it's a standard balm that feels a little tingly when applied but it's not uncomfortable and I don't mind the sensation. The product has a very faint, lip balm scent (so it smells medicinal) and it's a little waxy but not overly so - which I prefer because I hate really waxy balms.

The packaging is a nice take on the standard lip balm tube and this one looks better. It's super light and cheap-feeling, but I don't mind that because it's a functional product and not one I use for the experience or enjoyment of using it.

What I like about this is that it contains sunscreen and does a good job of managing dry, flaky lips. Mine were chapped before I started using this, but they're not now so at least this does what it says it will do. Overall, I think it generally meets its claims and I have no complaints there.

So in sum, this is a good balm that does the job but I don't think it's worth the price-tag. The tiny 2g of product not only hasn't lasted me long, but it also means that I would need to buy one of these every month or so if I wanted to keep using it.

Good product, bad value.

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