Maybelline Baby Lips Balm & Blush in Shimmering Bronze - swatches and first impressions


We received this product in a recent Priceline goodies bag and I've used it a few times on both my lips and cheeks, so in some ways you could call this a review post but I won't because I prefer to use things for longer before writing full reviews.

In short, this has already been sent to the foot balm section, which tells you two things: first, I don't love it on the lips or cheeks; and second, it's not pigmented enough to be dyeing my socks 'shimmering bronze'. Indeed, it's not pigmented enough to be dyeing much at all.

It's an odd little product but I don't mind the design of it - there's something sweet and fun about the shape.

What you do is unscrew the top and then use the lid to hold and apply the product.

There's what it looks like when opened:

It's meant to add a hint of colour to both the lips and cheeks, and it's also meant to be nourishing.

It retails for $9.95 AUD and comes in four shades, and you get 3.5g of balm in each.

There's the product in direct sunlight:

And in natural light:

There's a swatch in (weak winter!) sunlight:

And in natural light:


This is a bad product. Yes that's my opinion, but this product hasn't had great reviews in general and I'm not quite sure where Maybelline was going with it.

As you may know, Maybelline is my favourite budget brand and I have a lot of Maybelline products in my collection (I love its mascaras and lipsticks in particular), but this one misses the mark for me.

It's a very thin, almost greasy balm that works a lot better on the lips than it does on the cheeks. Imagine putting a clear, shimmery gloss on your cheeks: that's what this looks like. I mean, there's dew and then there's this. Not a good look.

Also, you may be able to tell in the above swatches that I've had to apply A LOT to get the colour to show up. This means that I don't get any colour from it when applied to either my lips or cheeks in 'normal' application levels: instead I get a glossy stripe with a bit of glitter. Again, not a good look.

I prefer it as a lip balm because it's hydrating and comfortable to wear, which is something I look for since my lips are dry. So while in theory this makes a great lip balm, in practice it emphasises texture and makes my lips look twice as lined as they are. I guess that's a due to the high shine and shimmer, added to the fact that this doesn't plump my lips at all. 

It's also rather slippery on the lips so I don't love the feel of it when applied, but it does have a nice sweet scent that's not overpowering so that's something.

Overall, while I don't think this is a bad balm, I do think it's a rubbish blush. If you're younger than I am and don't have textured lips, this might be a good product for you - but it's not for me so I'm 'donating' it to my dry feet.

Not a fan.

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