Models Prefer Soothing Lip Balm in Crème Caramel - review


Ok, so I've gone to review this product and I can't find much reference to it online - not any product details or price, and only one lone review that was written a couple of years back. There's also no sign of the product on Priceline's website, which is rather odd because mine came in a Priceline goodies bag last month so you'd expect to find some reference to it there.

Hoh well. We'll run with this review anyway, even if you can't buy it now (and in any event, I suggest that you don't). Let's assume it has either been discontinued or reformulated and isn't yet available for purchase, and if the former is true then this review is obviously redundant so I'll keep things short.

So, I don't have my usual product details to share with you: all I can tell you is that it contains 7g of product, was made in China, has a shelf-life of 12 months and appears to be a knock-off of those EOS and Revo egg-shaped lip balms that did the rounds in the beauty community a couple of years back.

I've never felt drawn to the egg shape because it takes up more room than it should (you know how I feel about products that are over-enthusiastic in the girth department), and I'd much rather cart around a slim tube than something chunky like this.

Having said that, both my baby and my toddler have wanted to play with this and I can certainly see the appeal, so once I've finished the product I'll happily let them have it. It's a good shape - not too small that you worry about them having it but small enough that they can grip it - plus it's quite a soft, light plastic so if there's one use for something like this, then a kid's toy is it.


I don't like this. I could live with the chunky packaging if I liked the balm itself, but alas I do not.

Why? It's bloody drying. For the last 48 hours I've used nothing but this on my lips and they're suffering for it, so I'm sending this straight to the foot balm section - something I often do with dud lip products, as you may know.

Aside from the packaging, it's a fairly standard sort of balm. It's quite hard in texture but it melts off easily onto the lips when you apply it, and it does have a crème caramel scent - though it's so faint that I'm only aware of it if I hold the product up to my nose. 

I think if you're going to flavour something, then you should do it properly - or perhaps that's just me. Maybe it's better to go for 'less is more', just so you don't turn off half your market.

Anyhoo. Yes, I've been using this for two days and it's one of those products that makes my lips feel drier almost as soon as I've applied it. Plus they're flaking now so I've definitely taken one for the proverbial team in order to write this review - and now that I've given it a fair-enough go, I'll wipe the damn stuff off and switch to using something that does what a good lip balm should: hydrate. Nourish. I'll forgive a gloss for failing to hydrate but I won't forgive a lip balm because that's what they're meant to do.

Oh yes. It's not soothing either, so there goes the title.


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