Sohum Vanilla Absolute Hand & Body Lotion and Body Wash - review


My husband's birthday is in January (on Australia Day), so I often look for gifts for him in the Boxing Day sales. That's indeed what I did for him this year, and one of the things I bought him was this nice-looking little hand-care duo: he'd been asking for something like this for the bathroom, and the black and white packaging worked with the existing colour scheme so I thought why not.

Although I chose these items (which also came with a little candle) based on how they looked and also their price ($19.95 AUD for the lot), I'm happy to say that they're also lovely products so we may well end up buying them again. A happy chance find : )

Sohum claims/product details:
  • Love the Sohum parade collection? Now you can take it to the shower! 
  • Feel refreshed and divine after showering in these delightful fragrances
  • 'Vanilla Absolute' is the quintessential vanilla with vanilla from Madagascar, almond hearts, Peru balsam and black vanilla pods
  • The lotion is enriched with shea butter, almond and macadamia nut oils, to nourish the skin and restore moisture and balance
  • Vegan friendly
  • Comes with a pump
  • Made in Melbourne
  • RRP $24.95 AUD for 300ml, but do shop around


I won't go on too much about these because there's not a lot to say about them other than that both my husband and I are really enjoying them and they smell amazeballs. 

Both the wash and the lotion smell the same: sweet and potent with vanilla, but not sickly sweet. I can absolutely smell the vanilla bean, and the scent is just gorgeous. I used them again a few minutes ago and I can't stop sniffing my hands.

The wash is a thin and runny gel, and it lathers a little bit but it's not one of those crazy foaming products - perhaps this is why it's super gentle and doesn't strip the skin. 

As you may know, I have dry skin and my hands are perhaps the driest parts of my body because I spend half my life washing them after changing nappies, so a gentle hand wash that does the job without irritating my skin is something I look for. This does just that. It cleans but it's not astringent.

The lotion is white and it's also thin and runny, and I worried when I first used it that it wouldn't be hydrating enough for me. It is. 

It absorbs beautifully and leaves my dry hands feeling comfortable without leaving a residue. It's not a heavy duty product (I use one of those overnight), but it's perfect for day-use and it does exactly what it needs to do: hydrates but vanishes into the skin, leaving no trace but a beautiful scent.

So in sum, I can't fault these products and both my husband and I want to buy them again. We go through a lot of hand wash and cream in this house, so if something has left a mark, that's saying something. 

I would buy these again for the scent alone, but they're also good products. Yes they cost a bit more than we would normally spend on hand/body care, but you can often find them on special and there's a good amount of product in the full size bottles.


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