Jergens Hydrating Coconut Dry Skin Moisturiser - review


We received this Jergens body cream in one of our recent boxes from The Parcel (of course, where else?!) and I've almost finished mine now so it's definitely time to review it.

This has been one of those products for me that I haven't really noticed, which tells me it's neither very good nor very bad. It's true that I don't mind it, but I remember preferring other Jergens moisturisers that I've used in the past (more on that below).

It'll do.

Jergens claims/product details:
  • Relieves dry skin with moisture-rich hydration to reveal deeply luminous, visibly softer skin
  • Restores skin's luminosity with a unique illuminating hydralucence blend and nourishing hydrators
  • For dry, rough skin that needs long-lasting moisture
  • The formula is fast-absorbing and lightly scented with coconut 
  • Infused with coconut oil and coconut water, which provide skin with reparative and hydrating qualities
  • Helps eliminate dullness and dryness by delivering a continuous supply of moisture to the skin and protecting against future dehydration
  • RRP $6.99 AUD for 250ml or $8.99 for 400ml


I recently reviewed Jergens' Age Defying Multivitamin Moisturiser (see here), and my comments for both these products are quite similar: they're both fine and I've happily used them without really noticing them, which tells me that neither is very good nor very bad.

If I had to compare the two, I would say that I like this one a little more than the multivitamin one, although that's in part because I don't love the latter's scent (it smells a bit like men's cologne to me).

Worth mentioning is that I've tried a few Jergens body creams before (that's right, always courtesy of The Parcel ; )), and the ones I prefer are the Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturiser (reviewed here) and the Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturiser (reviewed here) - both of which feel more nourishing on my skin than this does.

This product is a white cream that's lightweight and it smells a tiny bit like coconut but the scent isn't as strong as I'd expected, given that 'coconut' is right there in the title. If you don't like strong fragrances in your body care then that's likely a plus, but I would almost prefer something more - just to add to the experience of using it. (I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't like fragrance in my facial skincare because it can be irritating, but I'm all for a bit of natural fragrance in my body care.)

The cream spreads well and it doesn't call for heaps of product per application, so it's good for those like me who get through body cream all too quickly.

It has a tacky finish that won't be for everyone (indeed, my fingers are sticking to the keyboard a little as I type because I applied some earlier) and I wasn't surprised to see that glycerin is listed as the second ingredient. So if you don't like creams that leave your skin feeling tacky or make your limbs stick to your clothing, then this mightn't be for you.

On the claims: yes I do think it moisturises reasonably but I wouldn't call this a hydration powerhouse, and I do think that part of the problem here is that not all of the product absorbs; I'm not getting the 'luminous' thing but the glycerin does leave the skin a touch shiny, if you want to call that the same thing; and yes it's lightly scented with coconut, but as mentioned, the fragrance is very faint. I'm also not feeling that this helps with future dehydration 'by delivering a continuous supply of moisture to the skin', because I think that the tacky finish is offering a bit of shine but not doing much else.

All in all, this cream is fine but it wouldn't be my personal pick from Jergens' range (I suggest the two linked above) and it's not one I would buy. It's ok, but better creams are available in this price-bracket.


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