Luma Illuminating Highlighter, Rose Gold - swatches and first impressions


I mentioned in my last post that I'm currently going through my collection in preparation for doing my next makeup inventory at the end of June. 

Since my collection is pretty well-edited already, what this means is that I'm mostly going through any items I haven't used much yet (or at all) that I've received from sub boxes or as GWPs.

Next up is this cream highlighter, which we received from Maslow & Co (see unboxing here). I mentioned in that post that I probably wouldn't keep this product because I have too many highlighters already and I just don't use creams - and indeed that's what will happen.

I must say, though, that this is a great product. What I like about it is that it's small and compact, plus it's well-packaged in a sturdy little case that comes complete with a mirror. I also like how it applies and looks on the skin, but I'll go into that more below.

Note that it's formulated without parabens, synthetic fragrances and artificial oils, plus it's cruelty free and 85% natural. 

It's available in three shades: Rose Gold, Natural Pearl and Nude Lamé, and it retails for $24.95 AUD. I've no idea how much product it contains because I can't find that listed anywhere, but I'd say it's not a huge amount (perhaps 3g?).

Below I've photographed the pan in direct sunlight:

Artificial light:

And in natural light:

Now for swatches.

What I've done below is give you a heavier swatch on the left and a blended one on the right, and I've taken the shots in a variety of different lights.

First up, natural light (outdoors):

Artificial light (indoors):

Direct sunlight (this is the only light where I see any gold in it):

Direct sunlight again, and I've left this slightly out of focus so you can see that it does contain some very fine glitter particles (these aren't chunky at all):


So this is a first impressions post, but it's not far off a full-blown review because I've used this quite a few times over the last couple of months.

It's a cream highlighter that's quite thick and creamy to the touch, but it does warm up on the fingers so it applies and blends well. I'm not sure how you'd go blending it out with a brush, given how thick it is (I've only ever used my fingers to apply it), but if you're having issues with brush-application, I suggest trying your fingers or at least putting some on the back of your hand to warm it up before then going in with a brush to apply it.

A little goes a long way with this, so even though you don't get a huge amount of product, I don't think that matters too much because even this small amount should last a good while.

'Rose Gold' is a pink colour that has a silver sheen (with a few specks of tiny silver glitter) and I'm not seeing much gold in it other than in direct sunlight - whether on my skin or in the pan - but perhaps it looks less silver on other skintones. On my light/medium to medium skin, I see the rose with a frosty pearl sheen, but it's not too icy so I can get away with it.

As mentioned above, the product does have some very fine glitter particles in it, but these aren't chunky in the slightest and I can only see them in strong light and if I look really closely, so I wouldn't discount the product if you don't like noticeable glitter because I don't either and I can live with this.

The product has no fragrance and it adheres well to the skin without upsetting my foundation, even if I apply it after I've powdered (which I sometimes do if I forget to use this first).

It gives a nice, natural dewy glow that doesn't emphasise texture at all: that's what I like most about the product. 

It does dry down a bit but I would still recommend setting it with a small dusting of powder, just to help it last a little longer on the skin (I always recommend that with cream products anyway).

Overall I think this is a really fantastic product and I can't fault the formula: it's just that I don't use creams so I would rather send it to a better home while it's still fresh and new. Otherwise it will eventually wind up in Project Pan or a declutter post later in the year, because I know I'll never use it.

A great product. Just not for me.

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